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bizi week. but i ♥ it :)

i had three BBQ this week.first at Perdana Resort with my gang lama. second ngan kawan2 uitm. WHICH, turned out to Xjadi membakar. instead, we just menggoreng ayam2 tersebut at my house sbab hujan lebat. xjadi gi pantai pon~ :P third was on last thursday. with my ex-schoolmates. seyes fun~~♥ lots of thing happened n i just cudn't tell it like this. *will update more later*
i had gone in&out of the house everyday. n hr ni my spupu bertung. Congrats DAAG. ♥

south africa world cup 2010.

wherever it is held, whenever it is started, i will only support South Korea. muahahaha^_^ (well..blame US, since we're not in the list)
today it's a match between South Korea VS Greece. it started at 7.30 sumthing n ended at 9.30PM. since sy ni pminat Korea, sy sokong la diorg. RED is VICTORY. n thanks to LEE JUNGSOO & PARK JISUNG for the great goals. love u guys forever~♥ GO GO KOREA~!

big celebration.

for the whole week, i was busy pegibalik umah my grandma helping my aunt for her was fun spending time with my relatives while bergelak ketawa even when hanging up the curtains. i dunno since when i've had a great blissful laugh with my family. :)
today,everything went well n we had a great time as pemberi cnderahati girls. marriage is such a good thing. i like it. :)


tuhan jer tau betapa susahnya nk msuk Student Portal semalm.sumone said, "Pelik ak. pyalah sush nk bkak Student Portal yg ad brapa ribuan jer student nieh.. tp lajuu jer nak bkak fb yg brjuta2 manusia tgh on9.." -agree with u darl. -sigh-
my only job last nite was..REFRESHING. everytime i refreshed, it will direct to 'redirecting...' page. HUH. brape la ak dapat...tlg la jgn drop jauh sgt.. ak tau ak kurg stadi compare ngan sem lepas.. ak tau ak ad salah jwab masa exam aitu.. org len dok perah otak pkir, ak g tido..ak tau ak bt byk salah..jgn la men2 ngan ak portal wei..' - dats what i was thinking when i saw the 'redirecting'.....tuh. :)
lepas da 10x yawning dpan lptop, i closed all the window, shut down laptop n tido, feelin dissatisfy.
pg ni bkak,still kna sbar gak. n last2,,,,WEHEHEHEHE^__^

Chicken Chop.

chicken chop at Selera Cik Siti is served in a big plate. well...everything in Selera Cik Siti is served in a big plate. :) i love its Garlic bread & salad the most. ;D

p/s : I love Seo In Gook's voice. :)

Spicy Chicken

my first Ayam Pedas~!!


i do everything with smile. looking satisfy in everything i do.. i do enjoy it..!
but not as much as when DBSK fills up my life. I barely know what they're doing..where they are *OK...dats my own prob for not following their life*
But HEY! it's boreddddddddddd to see individual photos. (u can hate me) with the distorted faces. no real happiness in expression. it' FAKE. n I hate that.