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Reminiscence of 2012.

Assalamualaikum. ^_^ The year 2012 has come to its end already.. I still can't believe how fast the time moves these days. Subhanallah.. Looking back at things I have done or achieved throughout the year, there are still things that make me heavy sigh. *sigh*
BUT, there are few major things I thought I could feel proud of myself. Keke^^
1. I finally achieved my dream on setting my foot in South Korea! The 6 days 5 night trip was not worth to fulfill my satisfaction, yet. I miss it already. I miss the 빨리ness, I miss the weather, I miss the feeling of being there. :') 2. A freshly Diploma in Statistics Graduate, yes it is me. I had my convocation and received my scroll on 1st December at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor and I feel blessed!^^ n now currently pursuing my Bachelor (Hons) in Science (Statistics) :)
And maybe just that. LOL!
Nahh...a few trips with friends made my year enjoyfully spent! *gosh just how many passive sentences have I used?*
1. Went to Dungun-Kuantan-Kota …


I should be telling the full story about my south korean trip but this time, i will only spend on my little kpop tour trip during that one week of vacation.

thanks to Kak Zai, I could visit some places that make me feel sooo close to each of my OTP. ♥

we went to Dongdaemun for souvenir shopping when I promised to meet Kak Zai so she could bring me for our little Kpop tour. Only God Knows how difficult for Gina (our tour guider) to let me go with her since I;m under her responsibilities. But after begging and I made pinky promise (no i didnt) that I will show up in front of her at Namsan Tower the next day, she let me go with the reluctant face. heeee, THANKS A LOT GINA FOR LETTING ME GO. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW BIG YOUR SACRIFICE ARE. :D

we first went to Park Yoochun's Timeout Gelato. Since it has been quite few years already, the ice cream shop looks ordinary to my eyes. masih tak percaya kedai yang selama ni aku tengok dalam web je n kononnya mimpi la nak jumpa Chun atau any DBSK…