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Day 11 : Favourite TV shows.

Ahah this ! I've been waiting to write this thing down for how long already. LOL !
Favourite TV shows.. i have so many of them. but you know how much i love Korean things? KPOP (songs) is not my priority if i were to say 'what i like about korea' anymore. it's its variety shows that i love !
seriously said, I've never followed a variety like i do to this one before. before this, i only watch a few episode of Korean variety shows IF n only IF my boys in it. but THIS one, i will feel upset if i cant catch it up. 
it's Running Man. :)

n my favourite members are :)
Kim jongkook and the two kids. :)
but i like Haroro. n Jongkook.,too. LOL

p/s : Running Man forever~♥

Day 10 : Something I'm Afraid of...

Assalamualaikum ! Sorry for not writing for long time. i've been preoccupied these days. Final examination has come n i don't think i can leisure myself like the last time i DID. it was disaster. don't want banana to fruit two times oke -.-""

btw, what am i  afraid of? 
that is why i'll need a goal; that is i wont make mom frown at me. while sighing. no i wont.