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Day 9 : A favourite picture of your best friend.

i just realised i don't have a truly best friend. i admit i have a lot of friends. like..a lot. i'm surrounded with a pretty happy people but yes, i don't have a best friend whom i could talk anything with. i'm happy with what i have right now. deep inside me, i'm grateful that i still have many friends beside me. i'm not in situation where i could complaint for not having a best friend. :)
best sitcom ever :)

p/s: nope,you don't have the right to say that you're my best friend. only me know who is my best bestfriend. ;P #sarcasm #sorry

Day 8 : A place you've traveled to.

well well well. there are a lot of places that i must have traveled to right? LOL

so i think i'll just share some places that left me quite memories.

1. Fremantle Market , Perth, Australia.
this place was quite memorable since we shop most of groceries here. i love to see big n fresh fruits everywhere ! n the owners of the stalls were so welcoming us the tourists. the place sells many cheap things and the atmosphere were so warm :)
2. Harbour Town, Perth, Australia.
this place is awesome ! we went there for a shopping. i remembered once we entered Esprit Boutique and mom was trying to buy me a pair of jeans. as usual, mom tries to measure whether it fits me by winding the jeans around my neck. i think it looked quite unique to the sales girl so when we went to pay for it, she asked me why we did that. she asked mom at first because mom was in front of me. mom got nervous so she pulled me to confront the sales girl. LOL! in the end i had to explain it to her and we greeted good bye to…

Day 7 : Favorite movies

i rarely watch movies,actually. i dunno how to choose a good movie to watch.
but then, when it comes to movie, we can't not think about cinema right? my first movie that i watch in cinema is :
1. BEE MOVIE. this is like the first movie ever that i watch in cinema. LOL! n it's together with my cousins. if it's not because of him, i won't ever step my foots into the cinema. :P  n it's fun! this movie is. it stories about a bee who wanna live like human. but's still a bee. :P 

2. SYDNEY WHITE. or i thought it was NEW HIGH SCHOOL GIRL before. -.-" i can watch this movie repetitively! i love Amanda Bynes' acting. so natural and she doesn't afraid to look ugly. this movie tells me that how a grown up we are, we're still a dork ! ^.^ *n damnit, the hero in this movie looks delicious. NO. not the seven guys. The HEAD of Beta..sumthing.

3. HARRY POTTER series. there's no need further explanation for this movie(s). i guess everyone knows it. eve…

Day 6 : A picture that makes you happy.

i can't really think of any pictures right now. if i were to look at my family picture, it won't make me any happier since i already with them. glad to be with them. glad that we're in good condition..etc.

it just, there are these two things that makes my heart weary and i feel like, if something good happen to these two things, i will be more than grateful enough. 
1. Brass Band. i don't have a perfect picture of us. Since i don't wanna bash anyone, i won't put it in here. :) truthfully, i love this group of people. we have a lot of fun things happened, is happening n insyaAllah will happen between us. we share the same interests and we love what we do; marching band. i know that every problem has its own way out. and i do hope 'it' will come to us one day... :)
2. TVXQ. this group of five people is musicians that i've never put my respect towards anybody as much as i do for them. they make me realize that nothing comes without hard work. that's w…

Day 5 : A song to match your mood.

song match with my mood?seriously, i don't really listen to many songs. haha. :P i like musics but i don't listen to it much. i prefer listening to a specific song repetitively. i will engross into that song for a long period n get know to the song. that is how i enjoy musics. in a simple word, i'm a choosy musics fan.

I don't care much about musics. what i like is sounds.
-Dizzy Gillespie
when i'm in a blue mood, i love listening to White Lies by DBSK. n i feel the same way the composer himself might feel when singing this song.
when i'm in blissful mood, i'll listen to To My Bride (JaeSu cover). haih.. rasa macam nak kahwin. hihi :D
when i'm happy, i'll shuffle all my songs and listen to many songs. i think i should create a playlist of junsu singing songs. :)
for a reminiscing, i love I Love You by Tim covered by DBSK in radio. :)

i don't listen to English songs much. i can only tolerate with poprock genres musics like Nickelback (whom i love th…

Day 4 : Parents.

fine. i just noticed that i dont have my parents' current pcture. badd me!
nak tak nak, i just stole two pictures of pa & ma when we were sending them off at aiport last year. HIHI

that handsome shy2 cat man is my papa and the most beautiful lady sit next to me is my mom. yes, take note that i am their offspring. a perfect one. kahkah
should i make it an emotional, sentimental post or fun and nakal2 post? HIHI. i prefer the second one. dad is already *counting* 46 years old now. still a perfect workaholic like old times despite that he just stopped smoking after having a medical checkup last year. good for him. sadly my brother inherited that right after dad stopped his habit. *sigh* to be corny, i love my dad. HAHA. sape xsayang parents.? but i'm not the type who express it clearly. :P Dad is crazy sometimes. 
mom is eight years younger than pa. she is 38 now. a full-time housewife, currently busy with sewing baju raya. HIHI. mom loves to nag at us. n i know she'…