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hang out.min's bday.bbq

a week of holiday filled with so many programmes. some of them weren't even planned by me! busy? kinda... haha^^
attended my friend's big bro's wedding. i like his house. it's a kampong house. ad reban2 ayam,itik at the back of his house. there are also a swing that is hang on the branch. it felt sooo like hometown! the smell of fresh air... satisfying~! apa2pom, we stayed for a while only. after snapping pictures, we headed back home. OK. I lied. kitorg x trus blik. :P We stopped at Melawi Beach (perghh~ ad nama ,magerih tuu!) with purpose to discuss about our research. However.....who can ever avoid feeling excited n wanting to go running along the beach with the sooo windy weather or just lying under a big shady tree watching families goofing around each other? we stopped our discussion instantly. :D we played with water, n guess what? we the girls were wearing baju kurung which was soo not beach-y. haha! we ate ice creams,snapped pictures,having soo much together~! I…

facebook.Happy Chinese New Year~!

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haha~! I thought it would be higher...haha! I do spend most of time facebook-ing but I'm not an addict. Great. :)
Have i told you my holiday has started? ahahaha~! It's Chinese New Year holiday~! (+midsem break) I hate the fact that we're not having any holiday until final. :(
When it comes to CNY, we must talk about tangerines~~~~!! My holiday should start on last Thurs but after persuading some of lecturers(gahh..only God knows how much they like to force lecturers to give us extra holidays), we're freed on Thurs which means, I reached my home on Wed lg~!... But something happened yg mbuatkan I went home on Tues lg.(my college&home are like..1hour driving only. dekatjer :P ) We're suddenly having a shortage in water supply~!!! (perghh...ayat lam Eco..hahaha!) I went back home on Tues night,just to have a shower then attended class the next day.haha~! Sempat lg celebrate CNY by sharing tangerines from home to all my classmates n our Chinese le…

Oh Yeah.

when was my last post...? *while checking my previous entry* Ohh,it was on last 31st Jan. n it's Feb alreadyyyyyyyy! GAH. time flies like a canon. Pejamcelikpejamcelik, da msuk blan2. adoyai.. Last week of Jan was quite a busy week for me. Have been attending classes regularly but I guess, the real world of students (+the suck celcom broadband) has made me less active in surfing net.hehe^^ It's good actually.for my body. :)
We kinda walk around the campus almost everyday every evening. If it wasn't for our co-curricular activity, we'll be going to the pingpong room(mostly) or jalan2 amik angin around campus. It's so refreshing my mind! :) Me and Miroh went to the tennis court with the boys. Instead of playing tennis, we just played handball&basketball. just for fun. But..I sprained my ankle over the tennis n made a small circle bleeding mark on my left feet.HAHA^^ I was limping on our way back to the hostel. sakit tseliuh tu...tuhan jer tau. ADEH. tp,padan la ng…