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the best New Year Gift.

i was gloomy all day bcos of sumthing. my mood was allll screwed up that i didn't smile at ALL. but inside me, i couldn't wait for the night to berlabuh. *wek*
KBS DRAMA AWARD 2010 made my day! I could watch it LIVE from the start until it ended! the best part of my life when I watched Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu sang Found You on the stage! it's been like...I dunno.. a year? since their live stage on their national TV Korea! it feels so heartwarming and i feel blessed!  ㅋㅋㅋ they sang the song full heartedly. the best cap was when they showed Majun(from KimTakGu) was singing along to the song! hahahaha! gila happy okeh tgok mamat tu nyanyi skali~~!^^ ParkMinYoung xgerak sikit pon dr tmpat duduk dia. amazed ngan JYJ kot~^^
my only ♥.  tp seyes ar, lengan suit tu cam koyak. apa punya style daa...haha^^
congrats hyungbu sebab bwak balik 3 award tu~!^^

awaited victory.

yes.yes. i know it's late already. everyone is aware about our team's glorious victory on last night. after 14 years, we finally managed to bring home the long awaited AFF Suzuki Cup! ^_^ Congratulation Malaysia for the great job ♥

i admit it. sebelum ni ak memang kurang bagi perhatian kat team local. the only team i took a look before is Kelantan team. since i'm a Kelantanese.wehehe^^ BUT, seriously, our newest Rajagobal young team memang mengaum! Harimau Malaya yang baru kluar hutan orang kata. haha^^ if I were to mention names..sorry. still not recognise all of them. yang kenalnya Safee Sali, Shahrul, ngan Khairul Fahmi. ehh...bukan diorang 3 MVPs k? haha^^

masa malam diorang main kat Malaysia tu, i was at KL. watching it at my cousin's house. memang best gila ah malam tu! walaupon kecoh ngan laser tu, still, Malaysia menang 3-0 gak! tp aku silap pegi pakai baju warna merah mlm tu. zzZZ.. xplan okeh. dalm dok suka tu, aku on9 gak kat twitter. tiba2 naik kat TT #mala…

makan trip!

i went to Kuala Lumpur for a whole week before. HAHA! can't believe it myself too. pagi khamis tu naik bas ngan spupu and petang tu we arrived at Shah Alam. my main intention going there was actually to go shopping some stuffs for myself. turned out we ate more than we shopped. :P

first day in KL, we had a dinner at Sup Utara(?).. i had Mee Hun Soup with Hot Lime Tea. satisfyin! but the taste was quite bitter compared to in kelate. :P the next day,Friday is still a working day. so we didn't go anywhere special except watching movie. Guliver's Travel is funny! i like Gary Oldman. ♥

my makan parade started the next day. seriously we ate a lot during our trip. we tried many different foods. makanan yang bukan kebiasaannya kitorang makan. HAHA!

Banana with Chocolate topping Hot & Roll in Times Square.
1/4 Roasted Honey Chicken in Big Taste.
Chicken Chop in Big Taste.
Carbonara Cheese in Big Taste
mine is Baked Lasagna. still in Big Taste.
our side dish is handmade Peperonni Pizz…

my great boyfriend.

yeah..i guess most of my friends know who he is right? my only one Kim Junsu. :)

writing a story.

i love reading other people's story, or fictions or fanfics in term of kpop fans. i love it how they can easily express their imagination in a piece of...essay should I call it? ㅋㅋㅋ. but sometimes, there is a jealousy in me. i envy to those who can write well but i can't. DON'T WORRY! it's not a bad jealousy. it's a good one. the one which motivates me more to be a better writer. :)

honestly, i can't write well. i love languages but i dislike having to write essay all the times. you know when we were in schools, some teachers forced us to memorize some boombastic sentences just to make us write good essays. sometimes i feel like it is such a wrong way of teaching. they should encourage us to read more to improve our writing. well..of course, talking about accustoming the kids on reading books are another subject of matter *adeh,banyak masalah lah ngan budak2 neh!* i still believe that it's a better idea for us to read a lot. Hey! reading mangas also can impr…

yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i ♥ Dream Team forever!

honestly, i only started to watch this show because of Eunhyuk n Minho. they were two of the permanent Dream Team players in the show. i've never seen that side of Eunhyuk before. he is serious when he's in the game. plus, with Minho around, he feels challenged. haha. MinHyuk are love~♥.
anyway what is Dream Team? "Top celebrities face off with viewer contestants in fierce challenges which bring hearty laughter. Through fair-and-square sportsmanship, who will become the new hero?" --->that is what KBS World website told us.ㅋㅋㅋ .. i'm just too lazy to look up for it. the main thing is, it's a sport gameshow with a team name Dream Team, which consists of so many top celebrities like Lee Sangin, Sangchu (Mighty Mouse), Choi Minho (SHINee), Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Danny Ahn(GOD) etc. they even added Junho (2PM) that day. the most recent members were Ricky Kim (actor) n Jinon. why am I ranting too long huh? haha. actually, my main point is about Ricky Ki…

Park Jaebeom.

ahh..what to do. altho i'm junsu's wifey, i am missing Park Jaebeom right now.!

i dunno when i started to like 2PM but yes, i am one of their fan now. n yes, i like Jay the best. even after the incident. ;( i dunno why that thing happened but it broke my heart to know that he had to leave 2PM after less than 2 years of their debut. (hey...did they even reach 365 days?) i heard so many different stories but what I want to believe is, as the respectful leader, he left the group for other members' sake. n dat, others were devastated with his decision. i dunno for real but i also heard that other members were all crying 'sending' him at the airport n that wooyoung fainted..etc. it just.... it's really frustrating right? Taec even told the viewers that during 'one member' leaved the group, that was one of the most downed moment he had ever gone through.

today, 2PM are getting stronger and improved in so many ways. despite their 'beast' appearance, th…

sometimes it worth waiting. :)

6 December 2010, my parents landed on the land of Kelantan. mom called us beforehand saying that she wants to see her 4 children at the first row at the arrival gate. haha^^ but we're late. (: my grandma n other relatives arrived earlier than us. aku pecut kereta 100km/h pun tetap tak sempat nak pegi terpacak depan sekali kat arrival gate. isk ;(
apa2 pon, both of them are in the greatest health and kerinduan terubat. ♥

part plg best bila parents dah balik ni.. ramai la yg dtg myambutnya kat umah. since ma&pa smpai umah kul9 mlm gtu, ramai la sdara mara dtg menjenguk umah kami. yg lastt skali balik kul1 pagi ha! geng mak2 dok bcakap la sesama dorang. kitorang yg mudamudi ni asyik dok mengilai kat lua. hehe :P xtahannya, lg byk gmbar2 kitorang ni daripada gambar ma&pa.wee~♥

lagi ap ek part yang best bila parents da balik umah?
ahh! dapur da brasap ngan aroma yang sungguh wangi menusuk idung n mbuatkan aku sentisa lapar nak makan. hoho~ washing machine dok bjalan 24/7 n suar…

hello December!

December..there are so many things behind this month. what could that be in my life huh?
chronologically, i'll stated a few.... :)
6/12 my parents are coming back from Mecca! i miss them. but hey...i think i'm in big trouble. i need to get this house as clean as white sheet!
10/12 Our 3rd semester result will be out today! omo..sudden anxious. -_-"
15/12 my loved one's birthday, Kim Junsu ♥
17/12 Sarah's birthday together with FT Island's Jaejin! ^_^
26/12 TVXQ's 7th Anniversary. AKTF. i will celebrate it with my friend.for sure~^^
OH! 2011 is coming!

first award ever?

haha ! yeap..after blogging for almost two years, this is my first award someone ever gave to me. walaupun takdelah serius sangat, it'still an award n i appreciate it. thanks to NURDINI SHAPRI :)
자잔~~~!ㅋㅋㅋ (이동해 사진이에요!ㅎㅎㅎ)
so...yeah. this award comes together with questions that i have to answer in order to complete it.
1. berikan nickname untuk saya. ( i'm confused whether i shud give nickname to the award-giver or to myself? but i'm going to follow her step lah) my nickname..(s). i do have a lotttt of them! if i were to start since i was in primary school, people call me Syera(the official one), syahfera(i got this one because my matrix card was wrongly spelt), sfera(just because the kids start to know that Earth is sphere n it sounds similar to my name), ba...dak(hippo,if we are to translate it. one naughty classmate in grade4 keep teasing me with the name. he called at me n RUN!), xeraxiah(after i start my current obsession), datin(adoyai! because i always late to come to sc…