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야 김준수!
where can i find someone like him ah?  ...


did I just read a news about myjunsu preparing for a military entrance? i am dazed.....speechless.
i will hug myjunsu everytime i sleep start from tonight. i miss him lah. ♥
updated: NO. they're not planning to go there this year. at least... :)

i want my old self!

becoming lazier from day to day is not what i expected from my own self.
i go to class but i don't pay attention to the lecture. i have many assignments and exercises to be revised but i neglect them all. where is my FOCUS?  i still remember i have many aims in my life.  i want to be that.  i want to be able to do this.  i want my parents to feel proud of me.. n bla bla.  i start to feel lost.
i need to regain my old self. ;)
whatever it is, i miss my unnies and dongsaeng. ^.^


holllllaa~^^ quite a time since my last post huh? i guess i was quite busy with school things these days. i hardly onlined myself nowadays. i miss my twittertime so much! T.T

btw, my days were filled with so many activities actually. i attended classes and the bestest part was, we the brassband-ers had to perform a show for our ex-campus Director's farewell party. i sacrificed myself by not going home for weekend to stay n practise in our campus. on Friday before our practice time, we sneaked out and went to had KFC altogether. keke^^ sorry guys2 yg xajak join tu. :P

on saturday night, we had a full rehearsal together with other unit beruniform. :P out of all 4 unit beuniform, we're the only one who didn't wear proper attire. :PP. sempoi n lantak pi la kan? kekekeke. it took nearly 3 hours for the full rehearsal.  well...ok..maybe 2. ^.^  but we had fun...!

home coming(?)


currently, i have a sudden rush inside me to go home. y? because i've seen so many non-downloaded videos of DBSK being subbed. i feel like the old time has come back. only the different thing is, they are not showing up as 5 altogether. how cross i felt towards HoMin before... i just can't do it any longer. they are just soooo adorable~! *handscringe* 

Running Man,SBS Chocolate, Happy Together, Strong Hearts and any other HoMin's appearances are MUST download videos. although JaeChunSu couldn't participate much in variety shows, there are still some videos that i need to watch. n i need to list them down. 
ahhh...seriously. I can't spazz on other artists as much as I am doing towards DBSK right now.  ♥

our lovely parkguard. ^^

starting yesterday, all pokgards will take in charge in our campus. any guys who has long hair or wearing necklace instead of lanyard will be fined! any girls who wear tight jeans or fitted tshirt will be fine, too!

memang zzZZZ la kan? terutamanya td masa kami2 nk kluar beli roti kat luar kampus. masa tu da lebih kul7. kawan kami bagi tumpang kereta dia. masa sampai kat pagar U, pakcikgard tahan kami and tya knape rmai sgt dalam satu keta. *lakipompuan* kawan kami honestly spoke la kan? ckap kami hbis praktis lambat. nk kuar beli makanan kejap then masuk balik kampus n hantar kami2 ni budak pompuan. pakcikgard montel tu hampir222222222 da nak izinkan kami tp sebab tiba2 dtg pakcikgard kurustinggimukabengang tu, trus sound kami! WTFish? 
dia suh sorang jer dari kami berempat budak pompuan trun dari keta n pegi beli,wakilkan kami2 yg len. dia paksa kami2 turun kereta msa tu jugak! kami2 memang kecewa xhengat + bengang. xjadi kluar. kawan kami si empunya kereta tu trus disuruh bergerak ke…

Do You Remember?...

i found this in my old documents. it makes me teary... T_T
no matter how far apart they are right now... i still keep my belief that they are still in good terms. i really want things get better. just like The One said.. they are not meant to be apart.. T_T

The One...i love him!

i dun wanna be one sided. but everything that has been said in here are the truth. i mean, i really want to believe it. oh one more thing, about Yunho calling Jaejoong as Jaejoongie in one interview? i love it. ;)

i miss my junsu...;( after watching so many videos of tears of heaven, i doubt it if i wanna watch it. the kissing scene is unbearable. LOL

i want to buy their newest album. please.

hai kolejku hotelku.

da sampai Machang.
terlepas match penting Chelsea vs Liverpool. adoi. =_="

assignment blum htr lg..n blum siap pon lagi. haha~^^ minggu ni pnuh ngan test&kuizzes. blaja tah pape lagi. ap pya attitude la.. tomorrow will be one my busy day kot. :P

p/s: nak pegi jgak Manek Urai esok! which means,skip kelas...lagi. :P

sakit mata.

bukan sakit mata yang merah2 sampai berair mata tu.bukan juga cemey atau 'timbing' in Kelantanese.
xtau sakit ap.. tapi mata kiri saya sedang bengkak. secara tiba2.  =(

le tour da langkawi~^^ *UHUK*

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

mesti smua orang da knal ap Le Tour Da Langkawi (LTDL) tu kan? alah...yang lumba2 beskal tu~^^
nk dijadikan citer, aritu pegi la UiTM Shah Alam. btolak sabtu pagi, balik selasa tengah malam. sampai jer sana..huh. LTDL mendenye,,,kursus Destini Kenegaraan. paham2 jer la kan? xnak ar citer panjang ap yg kitorg borak2 msa kursus tu. part plg best msa hari isnin petang tu. ak msuk MINI Orienteering . nama jer MINI. skali kna pusing satu kampus tu..xtrasa da kaki bila smpai kat endline. haha~ (X! ak X jakon. LOL) mlm tu since xder xtvt sgt, kitorg jalan2 kat uptown SA. tujuan utama gi sana: cari kedai oter baju si Kira.haha.^^
esok tu baru lah btol2 program yg bkaitan ngan LTDL . pagi2 lg kena senamrobik. sumer pakai bju tshirt kuning LTDL. joget2 lagu Shakira n Dhoom.! best gelak tgk gelagat budak2 ni la kan.? hehe. part lagiiiii best, dapat tgk budak2 brassband SA main. kononnya igt nak lepak skali la ngan rottoman,tp xjadi. lepak nga Fuad jer beberapa ari tu…

hb eman!