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baru perasan. saya dah masuk umo 20. :)

my december guy. ♥

miss him. miss his laughter. wanna watch Tears of Heaven musical badly.  i think he's going to do great in it. hey December guy! when are you coming? to me....? ♥

my hoobae.

helloppp! long time no c huh? keke~^^
i sent my lappy for a tiny repair last week. thanks to one of my coursemate,mr.Keygen..,i'm satisfied with my Greeny now! upgraded Windows and yes,everything seems new in it. n thanks a lot too, for backing the files up. :)  (n/t: InsyaAllah, saya akan lakukan ibadah tersebut) *wink*
by the way! dunno why but lately, i haven't been able to catch up my daily kpop medicine. i feel sick. :( tapi xtaulah macam mana benda ni boleh jadi.. one of my lovely roommate,we call her Kakrah, is currently possessed by Jang Geun Suk..! she was spending her free time,like usual watching You're Beautiful last weekend and today, she already got her Soompi account, 1000++ pictures of JGS and already found similarities among themselves! -_-" *I swear to God. i didn't influence her towards this* and OH! everytime she watches his videos or photos, she never forgets to sigh 'ahh..he's so handsome. the most perfect creature in the world...' z…

achieved dream! slowly...

i'm going to work hard this time!
i will learn to play keyboard for real this time~! ^_^

btw,chosen to be playing cymbal in our next drum competition! ^^


i had a talk with dad last three nights. i told him about my study plan. so glad he didn't say absolute NO to my plan. he was OK with it. :)
huh? what is my study plan? this is what i said to dad,literally.

ME: pa..what if, i don't want to further my deg in Statistics?
PA: hurmm,what are you going to do then?
ME: i mean, i want to further my degree in other courses except Statistics. like....language maybe?
PA: well,if it's language...OK then. statistics&language are quite a good combination. what language?
ME: Korean. *senyum2sumbing*
PA: do they have Korean language in UiTM.?
ME: not sure bout that. but my friend does suggested one scholarship offer for post-grad students. full scholar from Korean Government to study Korean Study in South Korea for like..6years.
PA: seriously? so you want to go lah? what about halal haram? what about your religion?
ME: my friend is already over there and i never heard complaints from her except bout food. hehe..
PA: do they have mosq…

oh linear algebra, i'll manage you statistically by using computer problem solving.♥

told you oredi that we only got 4 subjects this semester right? HOHO~

our first class was statistical method. more difficult to be compared to last semester's but still, i think we can do it since it doesn't differ much. still in statistics mood. :) Second was Algebra. still in mathematics mood,too. the lecturer start our first lesson right on our first class. i saw nothing but the clock needle showing it's almost 1pm at that time. meaning that the class would end soon. :P

our third class should be Management class. but after two weeks, we still know nothing bout it. wondering where the lecturer goes.. huh. heard this subject is all about reading&memorizing. DUH. not my style lah. last subject is computer problem solving! i entered our first laboratory class only 30minutes before the class ended so i was like a stupid air-headed person sitting alone knowing nothing. everyone was already coding their own name n i couldn't even press any button on the keyboard. very …



jujur cakap aku bukan nak bergosip kat sini! HEHE. cumanya...hurmm..

tadi, kami berempat satu bilik tgh tunggu Isyak. semua still in kain sembahyang. tgh besttt borak tiba-tiba dgar orang menjerit kuat gila! mula-mula ingat budak2 junior tgh main kejar-kejar kat tgkat atas. so first time tu kitorang biar jer. second time bunyi, makin kuat and teruk bunyinya.! kitorang semua cepat2 keluar dari bilik nak tahu apa dah jadi. rupa2nya ada sorang budak kat level kitorang 'sakit'. dia muntah2. kesian dia. :( ramai yang keluar dari bilik sebab terkejut dgar jeritan tuh. scene plg bes,smua tgh pakai kain sembahyang masa tu. HAHA. roommates bdak yang sakit tu dok urut2 dia sambil baca ayat2 suci tapi macam..xde effect sgt sbb budak tu macam..sakit sgt msa tu. last2 kitorang masuk bilik balik. xnak masuk campur sbb budak2 ni nak bawak budak tu pegi jmpa felo. lepas jer azan Isyak abis, everything turn into normal n aku xtau apa jadi pada budak tu lepas tu.

dgr kata buda…


Assalamualaikum! long time no c!!!!! ^_^

this new year start with mixed feelings. i was sulking all day on 2nd when i knew i had to enter college without having a single room to stay. Alhamdulillah the next day everything settled down and i managed to stay with my  own classmate. altho..yeah...i actually prefer to be with my old mates.... (: NO. it's not that i dislike them! it just, i feel more comfortable with my old roomates. tehehehe.. :D

OH! another great news is, I am now officially one of the Brassband Commander. :) other than feeling happy with the fact that i have income$ this semester, i'm also glad that we are still able to play in the band together. we've already have a function tomorrow morning to start with. not going to play tho... but still, i did lend some helps. ^^ i love my brassband family.seriously..

class also has started. still with my previous classmates. walaupon ada sedikit penambahan ahli baru.. ke sorang jer? HAHA. selamat datang la ke D1CS1114B~…


it's 2011 already!technically, i'm 20 years old starting yesterday. need to think bout lots of thing now. I'll change myself for sure.
gtg to machang dah. bye. *tears*