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satu paper dah lepas~! woots~woots~ ^^
but the rests are nightmare. :(((( i'm really not sure about Account. at ALL. it's not too complicated but it surely make me down whenever i think about it. i just...dun want my result drop dead bcos of it. huh. ahah! let's talk about Calculus3. it. so much till i feel like squeezing it mcm org gila n throw it into dustbin. i just hate this semester. (peace kawan2!) going to study now.. bye.

going back after Account paper to accompany my lil bro facing his examination.haha^^

xera pya parents.

it's been quite long time since we had a family photo. a happy one.many things happened and the relationship seems cold or awkward between us. i'm not someone who can express my feeling towards my love ones freely. i'm too shy to do that *pipi merah*
mom always express her love to us. dats why i love her the most. HEHE^^ *sorry pa* but i still love both of them no matter what happen/happened. n today, they have gone. gone to the Mecca to carry out their worship to ALLAH SWT. yes..mereka pergi menunaikan Haji. (semoga selamat pergi selamat kembali. InsyaALLAH...)
proses nk pegi tu sgtlah rumit. bukan apa...perasaan kami anak beranak ni da bcampur aduk. i'm not the type who cry easily n i didn't plan to cry at all. i wanna send them smiling widely actually. when we hugged each other n i saw them entering the boarding gate, i was still,smiling. everyone was crying but i just smiled. me&my family members walked to the car n then, i cried. i cried because setan made m…


fine. u've gone back already. my suffer is ended already. is it so?
huh. sgt2 la sakit ati semalam sbb ak tau yg diorg ad kat cni but i was stuck ngan final paper KO bodoh tu. tau yg junsu ad dekat the same country.on the same land we're stepping but i cudn;t even say Hello.or smile at him. ceit. :((
lagi tmbh sakit ati, kawan2 byk plak gatal nk menanya "eh Xera, hr ni bape aribulan ah?" "eh, hr ni 17hb kan?" "eh, Xera bkan arini k JYJ tu?" -haha. korang2 sgt lah BAIK sbb tmbhkan syuman tawar setawar biskut tawar kat bibir ak ni. korang memang BAGUS.
i dun even dare to online-d myself yesterday. afraid that i couldn't sit still. takut kaki gatal nak lari ke KL. altho i know i won't make it on time. but still, if i just could go... diorang cakap, "Aku cinta padamu la..." masa showcase. yeah..aku cinta padamu jugak la. :) junsu ak makin brisi. gud.
P/S: jae ckap diorg nk bt konsert taun depan. seyes akan pegi. ^_^

study mood alert !!

*currently at library with my roommates*

xtau nape study mood da makin mbuak2 lam dada.haha^^
mgkin da sdar dr kot. lepas fail byk test&kuiz, rasa down sgt2. tgk result org len sumer tinggi2. tp ak pya hampeh ! memg teruk sumer2 result. calculus pya 1st quiz, O. (ye..pengsan mak saya kalau tau)haha^_^ Account memg xtau mende langsung. nasib jer pndai gariskan ledger tu. kalu x, memg kena drop ah subjek tu semster ni. haih.. =_=" msa kuiz aritu, bwak msuk toyol pon, xleh gna gak! xpaham mende! sakit ati okeih~ :((

jd stat minggu ni smpaila abis paper last, ak akan study sgguh2 ! ok la...mgkin en.Haniff ad ckap yg study last minute tu da jd budaya rasmi, tp sbnrnya mnde ni xelok sgt tmbh2 kalu student cam ak nieh. ha...tketar2 la tgn nti nk jwb lam exam pasni~! konfem pya.. hahaha :P

jom2, pi study! ^___^ ♥

it's Junsday today!~♥

he seems happy, isn't he?
i miss his laugh when they were five. it's more livelier.
but the fact that he is also happy now make me touched. his musical concert really works on him n he truly enjoys each of his line in the musical. i wanna watch the musical too! ^^ i admit that i rarely take care bout them these days. college is the one to be blamed.i hate this semester. haha. i dunno what to feel anymore; bout them. (kill me) i only have a slight feeling of satisfy when i browse dbsknights, and i saw that each of them has their own good things happen around them. Junsu with his Mozart musical concert, Yoochun with SKK drama, Jaejoong with preparation for their showcase, Yunho with being a cover up for magazines and Changmin with his enjoy-the-free time n upcoming premier of his drama. ahaha! still, i hope for different kind of news. *섭섭*
btw, i promise myself that i will reach South Korea one day. to meet Junsu in a more beautiful way. and if can, i wanna hughimtightly to say tha…

disaster day.

*tekkang sero weyh!*
first thing in the morning, i had to stand in front of the class as part of public speaking activities. successfully made a confession, asking apology from the classmates for upsetting them with our 'absence from the CSC class' that day. i thought that i could deliver the speech with more..sentimental feeling but it turned out to be funny.or awkward. i dunno. (first failure!)
we had 2 hours gap before CTU class. went to grab some lunch. i ordered teh O limau panas but the taukey gave me iced tea instead. saying that 'limau nipis habis dik~' ceit. 2nd failure.
went to the Pusat Islam to pray Zohor. but no water! =_=" a friend gave a suggestion to just buy the mineral water outside the PI n amik wudu' with that air. bila turun je, air mineral da abis dijual! (3rd failure)
there were 4 questions for Calculus3 test n i only managed to answer 2 confidently. n realising that i shud only put 2 critical points for that question instead of 4. damn! (4t…

study group.

ok. study group does work for people like me. i mean, in certain subjects. HEHE. some people might think it is burdensome to have a group discussion.wasting time or too much crowd make them lost focus.they said. well, not for me. i think it's the best solution to get out from blankness.
since we're getting nearer to the final, i dun think i wud survive studying alone. wahahaha. *tiba2 rasa bdebar nk dekat final nieh* OK. i'll work on that more. Calculus3, Probability, Accounting & Computer Science is getting more more fun in a good way~! wait for me 'guys' ! I will destroy each of you in the final. *ikat tali putih kat pale*HUH. V(^_^)V
p/s: got calculus&acc tests tomorrow. haish. =_="

my always dream.

it's always been my dream to be able to play piano well. i know most people said that piano is the most basic instrument out of all kind of instruments exist in this world *exaggerate sket*. but i've always admired someone who can play it well and i have this kind of regretful inside me when i innocently rejected my mom's offer when i was 14years old back then when she suggested me to enter a piano class. can someone please tell me WHY DID I DO THAT? *sigh*
n after years later, i met this amazing group of singer. fell in love with each of their song. adoring how beautiful their voices are. and when one day i stumbled upon a video of a girl playing their songs beautifully on her piano, i feel this sudden urge in me to do that,too. i want my fingers to move happily on that little square thing and produce a melody. i love to see how she can play it very very well. n yes, i envy her. a lot. I admire her. Jenny or keudae@youtube. :)
there is someone in my band who knows how to pl…

hampeh lagi daa~ =_="

mlm smalam da hampeh ngan dinner brassband sbb hujan lebat+ribut.mlm ni pon nk ngis pon ad. haha^^ * ketawa lam derita lagi* mlm ni ad smbutan raya tuk kolej THO. igtkan lepas balik dr test CSC td dptla mjamu slera n amik2 gmbr raya ngan bdak2 kelas ni. apa.......bila smpai jer kat kolej nk dkat kul11 gtu, mknn da abis licin, smbutan rya pon cam da...ended gitu. APAKAH? biasa kalu ad celbration smpai tgh mlm bdak2 ni ON-kan mata. pastu td janji pya la gmpak. siap amik nama bdak2 yg xdpt attend mlm raya ni sbb nk tlg smpankan mknn tkut xsmpat mkan. balik2...satu pon tade. ceit.
sbb lapar sgt, sggup pegi dining tgh2 mlm buta ngan ika n bli burger. sadis.
p/s: sakit prot lepas makan xtntu hala smlm kat smbutan raya mpp. nasi dagang+satay. pergh.
=_=" esk present.xnak!

malam graduasi brassband~♥

maka dengan itu, graduatelah ak dr brassband !!walaupon dalam hujan. yang lebat. dan ribut. yang kuat. khemah melayang. kami kesejukan. nasib baik sempat makan. wlaupon xsempat hadam. sempat bteduh kat pentas. sambil dgar pokjat men keyboard. bas da dtg. kami pon pulang. =_="
this will be my top10 memorable night ah. ^_^
nevertheless, we're now a Brassband graduate! the bestest one.ㅋㅋㅋ

visitor spesel khas dr Korea Selatan.

aritu tu dk surf la tenet ni. bukak blog tu, bkak forum ni. godek artikel tu. tgk gmbar ni. sumer pasal Kpop la kan. pastu tiba2 tjumpa bnda kiut miut ni~ dpggil Buddy. sbb dia tmankan kita dikala kta tgh wat keje kat lappy kita. lepas jer dload sumer Buddy kiut itu, ak pon try la guna.
kiut gila~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! ak dload yg Junsu pya. lepas ak tkan jer kat 'button' tu, dia trus jatuh dr 'langit'. bedebuk! ㅎㅎㅎ. ak biar jer dia main sorg while ak surf tenet ni. bila lama sgt ak xtgk buddy tu, rpa2nya dia tgh men game ps3~! kejap jalan2,,kejap men game, kejap baca buku. bosan sket dia dok meniarap. bosan sesangat dia gi climb wall desktop ak. haha! mula2 ad satu jer, tiba2 kuar satu bga tulip n pow~! kuar la sorg lagi buddy. haha^^ ah..xnk crita pnjg.. tgk gmbr ni hah~
buas gila panjat wall. pastu dok tkial2~ hakhak
bca bku la kononnya kan...?haha^^
haa...da btambah lgi satu bila kelopak tu tbukak~


haha! entry ni tercpta sbb smlm fes time main kutu ngan spupu spapat.
xtaulah ap org luar pggil sistem mnabung ni. tp kitorg ore kelate pggil, duit kutu. cara main sng jer. kumpul lam 10 org tuk main (at least), pastu cabut undi tuk tau giliran kita dapat duit.
ex: kita bayar rm1 sehari. lam sbulan bleh dpt rm30 kan? kalau 2 org men, dpt rm60 sbulan kan? bygkan kalu men 20 org? kita bleh dpt rm500 sbulan! kaya weyh~ ^_^
p/s: sgaja amik turn last2 sket sbb nk make sure ad duit tuk bli tiket tuk pegi SS3 taun dpan. huhu^^

welcome October...♥

welcome. ^_^ aku sangat suka bulan ini. ♥