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it's been manyak2 minggu since my last post here. kihkih..sori ar~ :P
hot chocolate delishes. :)

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Family is a bunch of person that relates biologically. We might share the same bloodline but that doesn't mean we relates psychologically. I dunno what am i rambling but i really have something to talk about it.

Every children has two sides of family. Daddy's and Mommy's families. And everytime, both sides are totally different. I mean it in many aspects. But i choose to talk about their way of life.

I'm not perfect at all. Yes,i know that. But as a person who has learnt something, who is still learning, and will always seek to learn, i do have my own opinion.

For a start, i love my families. Who wouldn't anyway? I have two sides of big families that i even sometime couldn't recognize each of them. My bad. :P and growing up with them, i slowly realised that instead of the happiness they show among each other, there are always dissatisfaction deep in their lungsheart mind. Huh.(shadap u)

I really hate it when they start to talk back at each other. I just don&#…


i dun like the fact that my new semester just started. ....just like that?

i havent even lay on my bed in my bedroom !