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the space

the thought of a boring weekend since Kere doesn't have his car with him last week vanished when my aunt offered to fetch me for Ain's open house! hehe. 
so pagi pagi lagi aku bangun. mandi. solat. breakfast. kemas rumah menyapu susun dapur sikit and then layan series Vampire Diaries Season 5 sampai habis. dang it the ending. i am just too tired to watch another season but i'm already in it, i just cannot not watch it. 
aku suka sangat tengok lantai lepas disapu. bersih putih suci dalam debu sedap nak pijak. semua adalahhhh. makcik-makcik yang lain still lagi membuta and aku sorang-sorang je dok buat kerja rumah. aku lah ketua aku lah mak-mak, aku lah maintenance yang berjaya. ye ke....? kahkah. 

this is my new spot for watching movies. salah satu sebab aku pilih sofa ni sebab aku nak lari daripada Ika yang tengah layan lagu dia dalam bilik. hahahaha. and this minimalized furnitured apartment make me like it better. best untuk golek-golek around the floor and easy to swee…

Internshipping in Malaysia Airlines


4th Aug marked as my first day I started my internship at Malaysia Airlines System Berhad (MAS). we had a whole day of induction and guessed what? I was totally separated from my mates, alone! I am currently placed under Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Project together with two new intern mates. hehe

the best thing is, i'll walk along this road everyday and boleh usha mamat-mamat engineers yang tengah jalan nak masuk hangar masing-masing since my office is just opposite the hangar buildings. ;)
my first day walking through that door and i felt so nervous with what will i deal later on. Kak Iza, our supervisor's assistant greeted us and introduced us to the staffs in the office and lastly we got to meet our supervisor aka the Project Manager herself, Swee Ting. Kak Iza is our Engagement Leader, Caleb as our Process Analyst and also there's En.Afezan as Data Lead. :O 
office tu sumpah sejuk macam dalam refrigerator! my internmate had to wear her sweater sebab tak taha…