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5th May 2013.

My first experience on voting for 13th Election for Malaysia. I've done my part,  have you?Politics and me are totally not a pair. But as a citizen, nak tak nak kena ambil tahu juga sedikit sebanyak. And since I'm 22, eligible to vote, I know my vote is significant in changing or turning the situation upside down. Oh, I am one of the silent majority btw.I feel sad for most of my peers that seems to know about the current politics condition better than me, wanting a change but they don't vote. Will Smith once said, "I choose to vote because my dad told me if you don't vote, you have to keep your mouth shut". couldn't agree more. What is the point of opposing/proposing when you don't even go down there and put your mark? Mouth-threat is nothing listed as action. Pfft.Congratulation to the old government for still maintaining the position and I hope, whether the Prime Minister or whoever in charge, prove that what had all the opposing-people been complai…