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happy birthday my dearest brother.i miss you :)

it's been 3 months since u went to the army. n it's been 3months since our last chat. i've never heard from you anymore. i hope you're in a great health Oppa. :)
i saw it today is ur birthday. Happy 21st Birthday Oppa~! Altho we're from different countries, different religion, different races, n different 'point of views' (i miss it how our discussion turned into debate since we have totally different ways of thinking n at last,we both angkat bndera putih), I really appreciate our friendship. :)
you taught me a lot about what I like the most, your country South Korea. I'm a great student,wasn't I? I promised that I'll be there one day,remember? n remember when u willingly offered to be my tour guide? I'll keep ur promise oppa. :D
You sang me a song once. I complimented how sweet ur voice was. n as reward, u ask me to sing to you. guess what song was it? Nobody~! hahaha^^ altho u weren't in front of me, my face felt sooo hot becos of that! u…

fun project.

our English lecturer assigned us to go and interview foreigners wherever we can find them here in Kelate.She showed us a journal made by previous students. they had these colourful n cheerful decorations plus a copy of CD of their interview with the foreigners. In order to improve our speaking skills, she asked us to do the same thing. Me&Ika were glancing at each other that day, feeling excited already. We had airport in our head. We already imagined fun things we could do when running this project. I wanna be the cameragirl dearS~!
had to submit Principle of Economic assignment by 4.30pm tomorrow. Adoyai....

Jom Heboh!

the first Jom Heboh finally ended their tour in Kelantan few hours ago. :)
It surprised me when I heard that they're coming. FYI, Jom Heboh is a festival where most of popular artists gathered together and tour all around the nationwide. n this was their first year coming to my beloved state,Kelantan. can't believe it happen either. i thought we want to defend our kesucian...?
i went to the festival yesterday. the place was crowded! filled with people came from everywhere.! i dunno there are actually soo many Kelantanese....? bought few bags of snacks.HAHA^^ it's CHEAP. saw so many local artists. But i like the Indian MC the most. dunno what his name but he is surely sporting towards the audiences. Watched Sofaz performed. there're not so many response when they sang their own song. but when they played 21 Guns -Greenday, I Don't Love You- MCR, Kenangan Terindah -Samsons n other artists' songs, they response was so high! haha^^ I Don't Love You was the best!…

i will miss them. :)

that day felt soooo fast. -sigh-
i woke up at 7 in the mornin just to get prepared for the concert. i dun even have the ticket with me yet.n the concert will be at 7pm on the same day. haha^^ got some problems at Police station (my uncle works there n he had to finish up his work before we could go to KL. had an hour of journey n we arrived KL at 11am. I quickly dashed to MyStar shop to collect my ticket. Got it~~! there were like 100 people around the shop buying all Suju's merchandises. there're only few things left since i went there quite late. thank God that I could grab some of the keychains, t-shirts, a bag n a glowstick. :D Spent almost rm600 in less than 2hours. iknowi'mcrazy. thank u. :)
my tickets!
it said "Yoochun loves Junsu" ㅋㅋㅋ
my plan to go to PWTC to attend Karangkraf exhibition was cancelled cause i forced my aunt to straight away sent us to the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. It was near to 4pm at the moment. we nearly lost when my uncle couldn't find…


can i get this one?
love this one!
like this one!
give me this!

wanna have this!!
saw all these in a japanese website *forgot its name* their prices are soooooo affordable! RM60-99 only! My only problem is MONEY.


we were eating our lunch this afternoon when suddenly one of us brought up a hot topic for discussion.
"ehh..we're already 19 this year. don't u afraid for not having a boyfriend?" uhhhh..we did sound hentai huh? anyways,like this topic. :))
had a great debating during our lunch time on what type of guy shud we choose as the partner of our life. i told the girls dat i wanna choose my own life partner instead of accepting our parents' choice n we all agreed with me. :) but when i reached home, mom told me that there's one aunty in our village that is alwaysss asking bout me. n mom was having a thought in her mind, 'eii...makcik ni bkenan kat ank ak k?' HAHA. i feel like i was slapped by a big giant hand. :/ dunwantmyfuturetobelikedat!!
n i am right now..feeling uncertain.

today is....18th March???

feelin excited like a heaven now!! i'm still in college rite now. packing up my things to go home. my brother is picking me up in less than an hour. tomorrow morning,i will take a bus to Kuala Lumpur. thank God i have my super duper lovely aunty that i can stay with over there. Love u ceksu :)
what's going to be next..............? ...... ;)


forgot already its definition.. but we're currently using it for our research. it's actually a software that we use in analysing all the data that we've collected in the research. n HUH. we felt regret for making lots of question in the questionnaire since there're lots of things to be keyed in!
it's not even half of the data. :((

it's FUN tho. :)


we had a sudden club meeting last night n we were informed that we,the sophomores have to perfom during our Annual Dinner nite. great. we were divided into 2 grups n my group were asked to dance to 60's songs. after a longgg & somanycreativebutsometimeridiculoussuggestion discussion, we're all agreed on combining modern&retro dances. since i was quite inactive in dancing,i rejected shuffling&breakdancing. instead,i chose to dance to 60's. :)
I dun even know whether i could make it on the dinner day since it's in 21st March nite. n i might arrive home on dat sunday evening. But anyways, we did some movement practice tonight. It's easy actually.. we just have to shake&twist our body&legs~ haha^^ But fordbsjsupershow2dat'sgointobeheldthissaturday sake, I'm embarrassed! I'm not used to dancing. n,performing in front of so many people.? STAGE is really really not my thing. I prefer being a stage manager more. :)
but again, after a quick dis…


i am missing my boys. Where are they? What are they doing? .....
I'm missing the old days.


had a 3days camping last weekend. i went back to the hostel smelling like a drain! *bak kata2 melayu, bau cam longkang!*
we were divided into 4 groups n were asked to create team's name, our trademarks n drew our own flag on Thursday. since our commander named Jimmy and Intan, we combined their name n borned with JimTan. (literally means A genie with Diamond in the hand) there's nothing much happened on thursday as we only stayed inside the campus area. n it's not a real camping yet as we could still go back to our dorm to sleep. the real challenge came on the nextt day. =D
we had a tai-chi first thing on friday morning. (taichi la sgt~~ HAHA) We also played a few games just to test on our cooperation among the members. MAKE THE LONGEST LINE FROM 20 MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP. we took off our caps, shoes, shoe laces n socks & arranged all those things in a line n lay on the ground n stretched our leg as long as possible! n guess what? Our JimTan wonnnnnnn! ^_^ We headed to ou…!

i used my money almost 50$ for a whole week after CNY holiday. Urghh! and it's all blamed to the fesko held in the campus! College Festival is fun indeed. We spent the whole day&night together. Me,Ika,Miroh,Due,Adli,Mat,Munir, etc always lepak near the 'bridge', chit chatting n ignoring the long lame bored speech by the hosts...haha^^ At nights, there were lots of stall selling various kind of things. It looks like pasar malam near my house. haha^^ during the days, many of games,quizzes,competitions for us to enjoy. I competed in Sudoku *for the sake of coupon* n lost in 2nd round. haha! dun care least i DID participate in something. :)Co-Fest ended on Saturday nite. we had to wear Arabic style.. since it was announced last minutee, i just wore my ordinary clothes. but since it's kinda ada rambu2 gitu, you got the feel la a lil bit. :P all the performances were OK. Couldn't enjoy much since Adli was beside me n he got SO many things to tell me. :D Anywa…


It's Marchhhhhh! what's in March? It's Super Junior 2nd AsiaTour Concert in Malaysia~!!! I had a conversation with the auntie who's selling the ticket last two weeks. here's our conversation.
Me: Hello auntie ahh~ Auntie: Yeah..yeah.. wat do u want...? *she sounded sooooooo busy* Me: i wanna ask ahh... do u still have suju's concert ticket? Auntie: ahh~ have have~! which one do u want ah? other areas are sold out oredi. only left two pieces of rock zone(standing vip). Me: oh really???? i take that two ticket ah auntie~! dun sell to other people ok. i want that two ticket. i'll bank in to u ahh.. Aunti: ok..ok.. u give me ur fon number. then i send u the account num. after u bank in, u hve to fax me the receipt. dun forget to put ur name,what ticket u buy, n ur fon number tgede with the receipt. Me: Ok..ok.. i understand. dun sell to other people ehh? i might be late in banking in bcos i live far away from bank. ok..ok...after i bank in, i'll fax those thing to…