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weird dream.

I dunno if I hope it will be true or not. I had a weird dream last nite.
It turned out that I was pregnant and delivered a baby! I'm a MOM in my dream! I know whose the father but let's just call him X. X is so not in my list of future husband.haha^^ *mian*
The story began with...
Ijust ended my Calculus class when I suddenly had a critical stomach ache. everyone was panic and i dunno wth happened next when the 'slide' just showed me holding the cutie baby already. :P n the X guy was gone. =/ the next scene showed that I'm alone, arranging stuffs in a room. I dunno what was that for. seems like i'm already graduated n leaving the school. n i was ALONE. a guy suddenly came n it turned out to be Eeteuk~! *weird.IKNOW*
he was looking at me sadly n offered some helps. We emptied the cabinets n cleaned the room together SILENTLY. we didn't talk but he just helped me willingly. * least let us talk cheerfully! ap pya dream la* but then, before I left, he said, …

my letter to Kim Junsu.

I dunno whether my grammar is correct or my spelling is the right one..but in the middle of English test yesterday, i got bored to wait until the 3hours examination ended. so I ended up writing a letter to my Kim Junsu.
"야... 김 준수야...! 아니....우리 자기야...잘진니...? 난 지금은, 시험이 있어요. 너무 힘들어워요... 어떡하지? 자기야... 넌 어딨어? 올마나 보고싶음... ㅠ__ㅠ 나의 오빠가, 군데 갔어요. 난 지금 혼자애요.. " -셰라시아- literally means; "Yahh..Kim Junsu...! My r u? I'm having my examination rite now. it's really hard. what to do? Darling-ah...where r u? i miss u so much... TT_TT my brother has gone to army. i'm alone rite now..." -xeraxiah- miss him. ;)


i like ittt~! haha^^ Sungmin's friend once again reply to my tweet~ he was talking about feeding milk to his baby before going to sleep n i just wrote, "ㅎㅎㅎ ^^" n got his reply agen! i just knew that he's a theatre actor. think 've seen him somewhere.. =P i tried using twtkr n adore it oredi! *well..i...mostly adore everything related to KOREA* #PleaseGodmakeXERAreachKoreasoon. Please tweet this everyone! let's make it trending topic~! 푸하하하하하!
lovelovelovelove twitter! my sched is free on 19th June. shud I attend ukiss fanmeet? hurm.....

my everything.

i was browsing youtube,helping my roommate to find some kpop vids for her to watch. while doing so, i remmbered that i haven't showed her the Susu's My Everything's performance on SGD last 2008. when i typed down 'Xiah Junsu My Everything SBS Gayo Daejon' , there're lots of fancams came out but i couldn't find the official one! it happens to be dat SBSi had already banned most of their vids in youtube. Taeyang's pya performance ad plak! ;( (OK..sorry2x. love taeyang too)
anyway, altho it's only a fancam, i still watched it. i remembered how eager i was waiting for his turn to perform on that 291208 nite. Yeah,i watched it online thru Tvants. :) It was so exciting to sit down in front of PC n waited for the vid to loaddddd. The most interesting part of that night was me&my bro both screamed over DBSK's bare skin when they took off their outfits. the bestest fan service oppadeul oi~~!ahahaha^^ loveyoualltoDEATH. *even my future hubby dk sblah p…


i do tweet a lot these days. and these are all because of many of Kpop artists start using twitter nowadays. i first met Tablo's, Brian's, BoA's and ShinD's~! since tablo&brian use lots of english, it's easy to understand what's going on around them but using Google translation to understand what shinD said is sooo not recommended by me. HAHA^^ i think i understand it better by myself. :P
recently, found sooo many of them on twitter~! there are Kara's members (Nicole & Gu Hara), Mblaq's leader Seungho, 2AM JoKwon, 1N2D's KimC, Kim Jedong, Kim Yuna the ice skater, JYP, Wonder Girls' members, 2AM Jinwoon, SNSD's Jessica, Epik High's Mithra Jin, FX's Amber, Suju's Donghae's and the latest one is Sungmin's~! waaawaaawoooweeeewuuuuuwiiiiii *getting crazy*
Most of them tweet in Korean of course n because i'm a pabo, i still have to use that damn Google translation to understand what they're saying. n it doesn'…

akbat offline lama sgt.

i made it into LIBB! "I want to be a part of the band.." -that was my intention when i chose Brassband as my co-curricular. skang da bleh men drum awesomely~!!! LIBB stands for Latihan Intensif Brass Band. typically means, a 10-days camp n all of us will be taught how to play specific instrumens for the whole 10 days,everytime everyday! *the bad thing is, I'll miss SHINee's first fanmeeting in Msia.*
lecture week has already ended. had a terrible week before. 4 days of tests were pressuring me. nasib bek xdpt migrain jer! I I dun think my marks will be in good colours.. -sigh-

Oppa was back last week n he left me an offline-d message. I wanna cry!

final is comin'

oh yeah~~! *gettin excited out of nowhere*
we're getting closer to ending our semester2~~!! my study mood has finally arrived~! all social activities are forbidden from this week n i have to focus on my study~!
rarely got facebooking lately becos of..i dunno..stupid virus attacking my stupid broadband i guess?? OH,today is SuShow2 in Phillipine~!!! bet lou unnie is excited already~! huhu^^ snap lots of picture okies unnie? n have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like me. :D

wacthed lots of old videos lately. i spent my times reminiscing old days when i used to active in Kpop. college life had turned me off. :( i only got to on9 once in a while. sad.sad.sad. Yesha told me bout new Kdramas last week. Personal Taste & Cinderella's sister~! Lee Minho & Ok Taekyeon are casted in those dramas~! going to download it during my sem break next two months~! i haven't even watch God of Study, Oh! My Lady and Juno properly! wanna watch that too!! Urghh..miss lots …

madam kwan's restaurant.

i remembered how excited I was founding this restaurant back then.!
it was because of them, i was eager to know bout this restaurant. back then in 2007, i was informed that on 24th Nov, DBSK oppadeul n all their staffs went to have their lunch here. I read a fanaccount that stalked them like 24/7 during their tour in Malaysia. it was so good to know that they sempat hang around at Midvalley Megamall. Since then, Midvalley has been my most favourite mall to visit despite Times Square if I were to visit Kuala Lumpur. haha^^ there was this one time when we went to KL n my relative invited us to have lunch over there.! Mom resisted and i was like 0_o! "dat was where my oppadeul had their lunch mom!"-in my head. bila lg kta nk mkan kat tmpt mahal tuu??haha^^ but we did eat our lunch somehow. i ordered some curry cuisine just like what they ate before n while eating, i imagined them with the staffs enjoying their meals beside my table.muahhaha^^