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my youngest brother dislike going to school on Sunday. He always skip school on Sunday. why? because he can't stand having to stand up during assembly. haha ^^

i'm back with a title?

i'm back from LiBB siri ke 37' 2010 !!!
a day before our departure,we went to Machang. i sempat watched the drum comp n DAMN... it was awesome~! Shah Alam deserve the trophy~! ^^ we had a night at TAR n started our journey on 14th at 1020. smpai kat sana da kul 10.30 mlm gtu. we stopped at KFC before smpai kat shah alam. smpat lg mamat kat kaunter mintak num mira! xbley blah dowh~!!haha^^
UiTM Shah Alam is 대박! no other word for that.
Saturday mornin was empty.. we just walked around the college n camwhoring the whole time. :P the real activity started at noon~! we registered n bkawad n all things. bila da fes time men cmbine cmpus gni.. ad la lil probs. kitorg dr kelate xbwk alat sdiri.. so phak s.alam kna provide the instruments for us. bla..bla.. we first met cikgu Rahim over there. he's with his mulut laser. nk nanges jer bila dia pggil kita org bodo. T_T but he's rock~!! ap yg dya ajr mjadi~!
instead of playing drum, which was my first intention going to LiBB, i got to…

here i come...huh.

i'm half done in packing up stuffs. a side of me feeling very excited to go the S.ALAM~!!! but another part has some hugeeeee laziness. i really want to participate in the band but why do i need to sacrifice my holiday?? TT___TT
anyway,isn't it just great that after 10 days of hard training, i'll officially become a part of my campus' band?'a AWESOME.forme. :)
OH! my fren's sis got an offer to study engineering course in South Korea~! 9monts kat Intec and then FLY to Korea~♥ So lucky of her huh? tggu la 2 years more..i'll be there. dats my promise. Pray for my success okay my friends...?

my lovely hyukkie today in sukira~ *OK...xnak da kat Kyu... nak dia jer* *wink*

kyuhyun. =P

we celebrated Ika's Bday yestersday~~! BTW, Happy Birthday my 'hubby'~! (Note: I'm married to her in fb =P ) It was kinda..disastrous yesterday. we all promised to meet at 12 but all sort of probs appeared at DAT moment. I got no vehicle to drive to go to the mall. the boys didn't know when was our actual date time. so it was only Ika&Miroh&Yen at the mall..waiting for all of us. Ika got upset since it's her bday. She even said we shudn't have celebrated her bday yesterday! that's how mad she was. =/
but anyway, I coaxed her n we made up. We re-planned everything and set a new time to meet. Luckily,it worked! I bought a cake. We had a small celebration at the food court. n OH! thanks to Mat, the only Ika's bday cake for this year was ruined by him! when i opened the box to take out the cake.,it's..urgh! hbih punah deeee!udoh gila kek tu jadi! =(( I kept on saying "Damn..i hate you mat!" again&again. :P served him right. it w…

i'm the Miina bonamana~!

my second semester had ended on last Wednesday. quite a tough semester i had this 1st half year..*sigh* i got bored over everything I did since I come home. But my appetite keeps on growing. Please xera, control ur eating! *giving a sharp look at my self*muahahaha!
one thing for sure since my 2months holiday started is only that, I'm growing my interest towards Super Junior. it's not that I dun love them before. I know them very well that I was dying to attend their concert, wasn't I? ㅎㅎㅎ They are ♥-able
*note that: I just learned how to type out heart,,so,bear it if u wud see so many of them in my post.haha^^ need a tutorial? next time~~ ㅋㅋㅋ
I kept on spending my time in front of lappy n kept on updating their stuffs these days. I waited for their full single 미인아 (BONAMANA) from their 4th album to come out together with them. we really DID that as I keep on following all the 6members updating their twitter MOST of the times. :) It was released yesterday morning!!! or so. heh…


my Calculus examination just ended 10 hours ago. our plan to continue studying Research Methodology was cancelled when I just spent most of time watching old vids of DBSK. i kept on reminiscing the old times when WE used to see them being happy as 5.
i even dug so many videos in 2005s just to spare my 'free' times today(Sunday). (trust me, you DO need some entertainments after answering Calculus.) I even re-watched Happy Sunday in 05 when they had to do the tongue twister n i was laughing again&again watching our Susu being marked as 'having Dolphin's IQ'. n i miss how our Chunnie kept on doing the same mistake n being called Mr.6 Dong Dong as he mispronounced the words in the game. :P I even watched&found lots of cut vids of Minnie's habit (sudden disappearance make me miss him so much. i love his silence:) ) start with his vids alone then went HoMin's, then JaeMin's, then MinSu's, then Yoosu's until only Junsu's vids. (OH! sorry to…