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salah instagram

so, i had this one pen-pal i met in foursquare. i know, it's ridiculous right? it started with him asking me about a place to stay for his family during uitm's convocation. he said it was for his cousin's convocation. and he mistaken me for being a uitm shah alam's student. HAHA. cannot blame him totally though. i was the one that checked in into Kolej Melati during our convocation days. So, blablabla we kept on contacting each other through email. hahahaha another unique event huh?
it went well. knowing each other, getting friendlier etc etc. and one day he asked for a picture. i was being cautious so i asked his first. i also asked whether he got instagram. i wonder how noob a person is if he's using an Iphone but not having any social applications. hurmm. He replied "Oh, saya ada insta. follow la @asdfghjkl.." OK.
i borrowed my friend's androids (yes i am still not buying a new one) to view his profile. well, he is not what i expect him to be but h…