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LIBB UiTM Machang

Alhamdulillah ! everything has ended finely.
anyway, last 10/10 until 20/10, our campus had held Latihan Intensif Brass Band (LIBB) for the second first time. well, we thought we could consider it as the first time but since we joined it with other unit kor, it turned out to be our second time. :P
at first, we had 30 trainees entering LIBB but it decreased to 24 a day before the registration just because most kids got problems with family, fell sick,etc.. poor them. most of them are talented. =/ #sarcasm
things we taught in LIBB were basic things about instruments they chose,practising some selected songs and learnt how to modern-marched. we taught the trainees by ourselves with the help of two (very thankful they were there) teachers. thank you Cikgu Noriman n Cikgu Zul ! :D

The Lazy Song

really suits me right now.
if only i have my own house right now.. i would love to just lazying around the house for a whole day :D