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i will definitely visit Bali again :)

being a typical me, instead of just going through my slides and get prepared for my presentation tomorrow, i am now scrolling through my Bali photo folder.  ;D

it was last two years' trip actually. i realized i did not mention about it properly here. tehehe. and holamak my cheeks back then were so stuffy and pau-lookalike! kembung nya aku weh! sobs T.T bukanlah nak cakap yang sekarang dah kecut kurus semua takkkk! 
we went there for 6 days kalau tak silap. am not good at remembering details but my point is, having Made as our tour guide, staying at Bakung Sari Hotel(was it motel?), exploring most of the tourist spots like Tanah Lot, Gunung Kintamani, bandar Kuta, feeding squirrels at pantai Nusa Dua, experience various water sports with cheapest price and not to mention a whole body massage at Orkid Spa! definitely a place to run from hectic city life. definitely. and with that, i'll share a little bit of photos we had over there. sikit je.

ok tu je lah. ada banyakkkkkkk lagi …


cakap je pandai. buat nya tak.
cakap je lebih. bergeraknya tak.
cakap je besar. hmmmm, entah.

first january hi again!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 EVERYONE! yes i'm celebrating this new year with AMOS.
2015 wish list : complete my ibadah lose another 10kg get a job visit Turkey & Greece ;) Umrah perhaps?