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i can't believe it is already July. second july to be exact. *sigh*

i was too preoccupied to realise how fast the time flies. oh, no. i was too busy chasing the world i forgot to pause and rest my head. and not that i am a businesswoman. tch

i was so devastated with the bad things occurring to me. i went back home before my study week started with a sulky face. mom lectured me for not accepting qada and qadar and to be honest, i was veryy mad. very mad at myself for letting my guard down. but the most important thing is, i knew, i knew that i was too far from Him before this. it is not that He doesn't protect me from the bads, but it was me who keep running away, further. and it was the worst mistake i've done.

but now, insyaALLAH, things will get better with His helps. i know He will help in His most gracious way. :)

p/s: in my final examination right now until 14th July. Ramadhan on 10th. May the Ramadhan this year will be blessed, entirely. :)
p/s/s: i've been wanti…