Hello, 2018 :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It is 2018 already! I am technically 27 years freaking old, with a young heart! :D Honestly, 2017 was a very idle life of mine. I stopped working out like, completely. In health term, I don't feel as good/active/cheerful as previous years. I joined a run once and yeah, that's it. I just could not recall any sport activity in 2017. My body just ached everywhere, zero fitness and i gained a total 7 kg! Cursed me, someone.
BUT! On the side note, I experienced a lot of new things. Other things. :) My post-graduate life is very exciting because I met a lot of new people that is different from my usual crowd. I got a new Yemeni best friend, Mohammed Thayban along with other sisters' Amira (who will miraculously become Thayban's future wife soon, InshaaAllah), Syakirah (I have never met any cooler lady than her before. She has zero panic in her life.) 70% of my classmates are working people, especially in government sector. I couldn't help to feel awe…