Hello, 2018 :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It is 2018 already! I am technically 27 years freaking old, with a young heart! :D Honestly, 2017 was a very idle life of mine. I stopped working out like, completely. In health term, I don't feel as good/active/cheerful as previous years. I joined a run once and yeah, that's it. I just could not recall any sport activity in 2017. My body just ached everywhere, zero fitness and i gained a total 7 kg! Cursed me, someone.
BUT! On the side note, I experienced a lot of new things. Other things. :) My post-graduate life is very exciting because I met a lot of new people that is different from my usual crowd. I got a new Yemeni best friend, Mohammed Thayban along with other sisters' Amira (who will miraculously become Thayban's future wife soon, InshaaAllah), Syakirah (I have never met any cooler lady than her before. She has zero panic in her life.) 70% of my classmates are working people, especially in government sector. I couldn't help to feel awe…
At the moment I'm writing this post, I am going to do some reading for my upcoming seminar on Women Leadership. For your information, life, I am currently a post-graduate student at UPM taking Master in Human Resource Development. Why? Why? I haven't found my real WHY, but I'm figuring it out while enjoying every moment I can these days. 
I don't think my life has improved but it does move. Believe me, I don't know what am I doing right now. I made a lot of new friends here. People that are out of my leagues even. Oh, Allah. Where are you taking me from this? I know you are opening path for me. But please, help me in deciding the best for me.

Reminiscence of 2015

I saw my 2013 post on "Reminiscence of 2012". So I feel like doing a quick 2015 reminiscence. (Despite I'm actually having a translation job due dated tomorrow)

I am an official graduate of BSc (Hons) Statistics. Yes, a statistics student who graduated and currently forgot all those thing I learned in uni. Relax, I still got the memory, it just being kept inside of my head.During my long holiday (aka menganggur) period, I applied MSc Operational Research and Risk Analysis at University of Manchester and Alhamdulillah I got an unconditional offer. (Haven't done talking about this yet, so don't ask me things)While doing the above stuff, I was also actively googling about SAP course. So, I found one. A free 3 months course, with reliable certificate as SAP consultant(+-) under Talentcorps with the condition that I am a 6 months undergraduate that is already working. The first condition applied to me but I'm panicked with my jobless status. So, I applied to many c…
I saw my latest post (except the previous one) and yes, macam tak hidup pun ada aku ni hahaha. Anyways, dari previous-es post pasal my wishlist in 2015, ada beberapa perkara yang aku achieved (or was it one thing only?) ;D 
Oh, I did get a job. As a Subtitle Editor in a media company. My job was mostly on editing the ENG-BM translated files so that the subtitles appear nicely on screen. Basically, kerja aku tengok cerita je hari-hari sebenarnya. HAHA. Tambah sedap lagi, all the k-shows yang walaupun tak berapa hot sebab bukannya ada idols memanjang tapi still dapat tengok few k-celebs yang kononnya feveret tuh, pun aku dapat layan. That was the fun part la. The not-so-fun part tu tak perlu cerita. Nanti nobody wants to apply for the position. Because I actually already quit myself from the company. Nothing big deals, nothing big wrong, I just feel like quitting. I had another dream, but let's not talk about it now. I loved the job but I feel the need to 'move'.
aku bimbang bila ciri-ciri munafik itu ada dalam diri.
bersyukur bila tuhan masih ingatkan diri untuk aku mengingati,  tapi bila dimuhasabah diri, terlampau banyak cela dalam tubuh badan ni.  dengan kuasa-Nya, aib diri dilindungi.  tapi sampai bila kau nak begini? 

ewah kau, sejak bila berpuisi?

i will definitely visit Bali again :)

being a typical me, instead of just going through my slides and get prepared for my presentation tomorrow, i am now scrolling through my Bali photo folder.  ;D

it was last two years' trip actually. i realized i did not mention about it properly here. tehehe. and holamak my cheeks back then were so stuffy and pau-lookalike! kembung nya aku weh! sobs T.T bukanlah nak cakap yang sekarang dah kecut kurus semua takkkk! 
we went there for 6 days kalau tak silap. am not good at remembering details but my point is, having Made as our tour guide, staying at Bakung Sari Hotel(was it motel?), exploring most of the tourist spots like Tanah Lot, Gunung Kintamani, bandar Kuta, feeding squirrels at pantai Nusa Dua, experience various water sports with cheapest price and not to mention a whole body massage at Orkid Spa! definitely a place to run from hectic city life. definitely. and with that, i'll share a little bit of photos we had over there. sikit je.

ok tu je lah. ada banyakkkkkkk lagi …


cakap je pandai. buat nya tak.
cakap je lebih. bergeraknya tak.
cakap je besar. hmmmm, entah.