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hi. i miss my TVXQ. :')

the last stage of TVXQ is my last moment of spazzing towards KPOP. i dont seem to have any enthusiasm without TVXQ in that world. it's really saddening to see them got into that situation. it's not that i dont support them. it's just, i lost my strength. 
KOUHAKU 2009 was their last performance together right? i dont even get to watch it live or caught up with their news at that moment. blame schooool for that.  -.-" and when i watched HOMIN in YSMM and they talked about their last performance, i could feel the tense. and when i see these pictures i Googled just now, it's more....heartbreaking.

all i can see is a tense and heartbreaking expression on their faces. i dont want THAT!
i want their happy faces. smiling widely as if they own the happiness. 

i love Bonjour in Paris Photobook the BEST! ♥
our Minnie must be smiling at Junsu's kawaiii expression. keke ^^
ahhh.. i miss them a lot. things might not be like before but i hope it will get better. and trust …

i ♥ statistics

Assalamualaikum. :)
sejak dua menjak ni, aku banyak berfikir. sangat byk sampaikan kadang-kadang tu, terkeluar air mata tanpa dipinta. HAHA. bukan sengaja nak bersentimental di subuh hari. tapi memang dah takde cara lain nak express diri. :)
habis bulan April tahun 2012 ni, habislah diploma aku kat machang ni. tiga tahun dok kat sini. walaupun sakit hati bila kadang-kadang tu ada manusia yang tak reti jaga hati orang dok kutuk-kutuk kata "Ai, belajar kat machang jah? jauh sangattt~.." Dei~~lu apa tahu? kat Machang ni macam-macam ada bagi siapa yang tahu cara nak explore tempat ni. HAHA. ok. taknak melalut panjang sangat.
benda asal yang nak cerita kat sini adalah :- Diploma Statistik. course yang memang aku tak sangka aku akan dapat lepas SPM dulu nuu.. aku dah berjaya harung sampai lah cukup tiga tahun aku kat sini. dah jadi akak senior dah sekarang ni oit~! takde dah orang nak panggil kita ni adik. situ sini dengar akakkkkk jer. kecuali kalau ada mana-mana kumbang nak men…

i need a life!

to be caught in cold and coughing all day for the whole week is not something i can feel proud of.

after my two days one night trip with my family at Tok Bali last Saturday, i got a fever but never had time to rest well. sunday got brass player training for preparation for commanders' dinner on the next day. tuesday, pra-graduate dinner at Grand River View Hotel. Wednesday got Battle of The Band to attend just because some of my bandmates enter the competition. so i went there to show my support. Wednesay until yesterday's saturday, we had a camping. my last camping with the bandmates. i ditched my class trip to go to camping,instead. jahat kah aku? HAHA. i dont even know now...

yes,havent got a chance to rest well. and i still cough with this runny nose and a lil bit dizzy head.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Assalamualaikum! :D
long time no see. tup tup masuk bulan dua dah. time flies like rocket woo~ -.-"

anyway, maybe it's too veryyy late to wish Happy Chinese New Year but still, Gong Xi Gong Xi ! :D hehe. celebrating CNY is the best since we got to eat lots of limau cina. HEHE. i only went back for two days but manage la to attend my little cousins' birthday party. there's a Barbie Chocolate Cake and Bulldozer Sponge Creamy Cake! n i like the second one better. :D oh, we also had Angry Bird's Muffins. it's too cute to be eaten :')

mak-mak tu lagi bersunggoh dari anak. :D
these two weeks were pretty much equipped with band activities and tests&quizzes only i guess. i think i start to balance both in co&study now. problems that arose not too long ago had slowly been solved. everything starts to fall into their right places. and i can smile now :) Alhamdulillah.
oh,yesterday was my parents' 21st Anniversary! yes, i was born in the same year they g…