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OMFG! I just missed my KIMJUNSU's Birthday post!!! sorry honey. -.-
btw, Happy 25th Birthday Kim Junsu !!  May God Bless You my dear. :)

little junsu's spam. :D

never fail to amaze me with your overall manner. hoping to find someone like you one day, please. again, thank you for being borned on 151286. it's a blessed day overall. and OH ! i did eat McDonald's that day. ;)

JB & Lion City Trip

hola ! got chance to update this lil blog tonight. ^^

dari hari khamis malam sampai lah pagi Selasa, i was on my vacation with my family at Johor Bahru and Singapore. we went to JB by train and it was my first time experiencing sleeping in bed-section so it was exciting! we can read books, listen to musics, eat on our bed and enjoyed the privacy moments since the bed has curtains and we could close it to turn into bed lookalike. :D

so we actually went to JB for my cousin's wedding. the wed is on Sunday but we went two days earlier to help with the preparation + wanted to have a good short holiday for our big family. serious said, memang dah lama sangat kami keluarga besar Hjh Zainab(Allahyarhamah) ni tak betul-betul berkumpul sesama kami. well,except for raya but still,it's different. so, bila dah ramai berkumpul ni, ada je lah plan nak gi jenjalan etc.

on saturday, pagi lagi semua headed to Masjid Jamek Pasir Gudang untuk majlis akad nikah. cara akad nikah orang Johor ni mema…

Finishing the 30 Days Challenge. :D

sorry i was too lazy to update the challenge. i dont even worth taking the challenge. LOL

Day 12 : Somethings you dont leave the house with i'm not going out from the house without my purse (makeups,IDs,money), blackberry (BIS ON), spectacle (if i dont wear any lens), car key (yes, i drive). well, it depends with where am i going actually. i will absolutely bring my books if i were to go to class. ;D
Day 13 : Goals to be slimmer than now? haha i always dream to be living oversea. :D
Day 14 : A picture of ME last year. How have I change?
gosh. i was slimmer back then. all the details are there btw. :D

Day 15 : Al-Quran verse i dont wanna be a hypocrite cause i honestly not remember it quite well. :'( but i love reciting Yaasin.
Day 16 : Dream House a simple contemporary interior designated house by my own self. keke^^ if i were to chose a place to stay when i'm single, i would love to experience living in an apartment/condominium. :D when i settle down, of course i prefer to hav…

2PM Hands Up Tour in Malaysia, Final Diploma Semester


great. i missed my posts in november. i guess nothing really great happened in that month or i just too lazy to online myself OR maybe i dont have a good internet connection to update this blog. sorry. =.=
OH! there was one thing i realllllly regret on November. i don't even know why i dont wanna do it at the first time. but when the D-Day arrived, there's just a huge regret in me. I MISSED MY CHANCE TO GO TO 2PM HANDS UP TOUR CONCERT IN MALAYSIA. i could have been there. i could have seen them in front of my two eyes but i didnt. and to make things worse, my timeline in twitter were full of #2PMinMSIA updates. and there were me, stuck ALONE in my hostel room and were swearing for the whole time. 

niway, it's still good to know that Junho did some effort speaking in Malay saying "Saya akan balik lagi ke Malaysia" and YES, u guys should because when the time come, i will buy the most expensive ticket and stood at the most front stage to see you g…