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had a kind of busy week this week. I really didn't come online so often. We have a s*** internet speed here anyway. Jae's birthday has passed last 26th n I couldn't celebrate it! Mian... :(
We had an exciting class photoshoot last Tuesday! Instead of wearing the odd suits, we wore our club's jacket that day. Can't wait to see how cool each of us look in our class picture. :D Had a Voting Day for our new JPP n this is the first time for Part2 students to do voting. It took less than a minute to vote but onlyGodknows how long we had to queue waiting for our turn to vote.Huh.'s OK since they gave us two muffins+air kotak+coupon tuk pjuk2 kitorg.wakaka! :P
Had an urgent I-techqs(Statistician's Club Society)'s meeting on Thurs nite. We're going to have a sesiberamahmesra with our Part6 seniors. Glad that I'm in a same group with Akim!^^ We had an explorace the next day n it was damn fun altho it's tiring. We had to climb up n down the Buk…


went back home last weekend~! At last,we got our wireless internet connection in da house~! I threw away my broadband n 'bkabung' lam bilik the whole day surfing. WEHEHE. I dloaded all the videos that I've been wanting to watch n neva let my lappy sleep. Poor my baby... :P

went out with my girl friends the next day. It's been almost a year since I met 4 of them! They're still the same. with their humours, witty n all. We spent half od the day together in the mall. split into two teams to compete in bowling n i must say that we're all SUCK at it.haha! I only got 71. :P We were also thrown out by the McDonald's worker when they're closing it for lunch break (there's a special reason for it). Poor us. :( We snapped picture every time we walked.HAHA. I must say I've been turning into camerawhore since I entered college life. :P
I met 2 other friends at the mall together with Dugong. Dugong is actually a nickname of a new...friend that I met in campu…

Maal Hijrah Celebration.

Our campus celebrated Maal Hijrah today. We had to go down to the MEdan Ilmu (which is at the feet of the mountain n our hostel is at the PEAK) at 8.30am. We already finished preparing the ingredients together yesterday n today we have to cook it!! There were more than 8 big pot set up at the parking lot n FORTUNATELY, they provided each of us a tent. It's not that we have to 'kacau' that syura for all times. N I was playing a lot rather than focusing on cooking that thing.wahahaha^^ Just hold that long 'stick' for 15seconds, took a picture of myself (konon2nya work hard la kan~) then BLAH. hahaha!

Went back to the room at 12pm, surfed internet a bit n took a nap.haha! woke up at 2.15 n heard an announcement saying that we have to go down to the Medan Ilmu again at 2.30!!! I was like, WHAT??? Gila ka?? mana la sempat! I just do what I have to do n quickly went there together with my friends. Waiting is SUFFERING. We waited for the bus almost for one hour n ended up…

back to normal.

Hermm....after my last post, it looks like everything has come back to NORMAL~ haha^^ Although most of my classes are located at Block C&D (which is so damn far from usual) I'm getting to use to it and going to enjoy every moment of it!

Our first class of Calculus2 was quite funny as we had to introduce ourselves like the old days. I felt like it was unnecessary as we already know each other TOO well n it turned out so hilarious when each of us had to stand in front of class telling our full name and where we came from! But..Puhh! Our happiness only lasted for 30mins. Our lecturer started the first chapter right away n I was struggling to catch her up! Gahh...i need to refresh my memories.haha! What is Exponential? How can x = ln e^x? Wasn't sin^2 x + cos^2 x = 1? HAHAHA. Calculus is soo interesting!
I woke up at 6 this morning n prepared earlier for a class at 8. We walked so fast thinking that we might be late for the class. Glad that we reached there on time. But guess…


this week was a chaos week. seriously.. Everything went so quick! After being mocked by a Brassband comander when I was stupid enough to leave my cap at home, Hey! I got to play Snare drum instead. HEHE :P It was my first time ever hitting the drum n we were told to play a song already. together with Bass drums, Toms and Cymbals, we performed a song! The feeling was great! Although I knew my way of hitting the drum was totally a crap, I still can follow the tempo. Commander Amira, stood beside me and taught me how to..hit it. I knew I am a newbie n I knew that I have long way to go before I became like her (Note: she's a Drum major n she is a WOMAN). I feel like a need of determination-of-becoming-a-drum-major. What's the point of joining a marching band society when we're just sitting beside the field watching other people marching proudly while making some great melody?? Ahh...I want to be one of them!^^

Class is one of the source of 'chaos'. People went in and o…

new enjoyment.

We started our class yesterday morning at 10am with English. Our new lecturer is Mr. Lim Chan See, 54 years old with 4 children. but he said in college area, he is 45 years old. :P I noticed a cute habit that came out from him every time he speaks. He likes to do the 'opps!' hand gesture! Sooo cute!hahaha. Although he is old already, his short and small body makes him look cute when doing that gesture. n Oh, he is a pure Kelantanese. Doesn't have slang in talking kelate at ALL. In order to improve our English, he asked us to write everything in our mind everyday in a book. Like a diary something..but not so detailed. We will also have to tell in front of the class what we've read a day before. Gahh... 2 tasks already. If I could know..reported them about TVXQ everyday. That would be a piece of cake! ^^

Had some problem with my consultant yesterday. I was afraid that I would be expelled because of my own carelessness. Huh! Thank God it ended up smooth…

stuffs to be done

arrived at Machang yesterday afternoon. I was informed that I got THO2 instead of THO3. It's quite disappointing. I thought of staying in THO3 with other Statistics friends like last semester. It was fun!...last year. But at least I'm staying one floor below compared to last year. :) 4th>3rd floor.haha. Poor mom and dad had to help me bringing my stuffs up here. He was hardly catching up his breath and was nagging at me all the time! Sorry dad,love u. :P

Oh, i finally got to be in 4-peopled room! It's wider and spacious compared to my old room! Still with my old roommates and we got a new friend who was actually,my 'neighbour' last semester.HEHE. Just saw our class schedule. Guess what..? I dun have any class on Sunday! (T/N: in Kelantan, Sunday-Thursday are our weekday.) Heard that we will have new classmates this semester. Dunno whom but I bet it's going to be different. Hermm..wondering how 'crazy' our class will be this year.hehehe
Tomorrow will …

quick look-back of 2009

I felt like doing this as I read my friend's blog spot. haha! jgn jeles ehh pana :P Just like her, I can't remember EVERYthing I did for the whole year. But then,I'll make it short and sweet. :)

January Ahh! Practising really2 hard for my driving license. It was like I went to the Driving Academy everyday.haha! Started my English&Mandarin class in same week.
February I can't think of anything.
March SPM result came out. I remembered Mom's reaction when she take a look at my Biology's grade. It was disaster!haha. She just smiled like I got A for that subject. Well, at least she knew that Biology is really NOT me. Went out with boys for the first time. I group. I can't believe I did that. You're lucky 3 Stoogers~
April If I'm not mistaken, half of my classmates in HS went to Perdana Resort to enjoy our before-turning-into-college-student moment. That 2 days 1 night trip was PRICELESS. We did have lots of fun. Ahh...nak wat lagi!
May I thi…

Happy New Year 2010!!!

I heard fireworks outside there. But I didn't go out for celebration as I got SO tired because of going out for the whole day yesterday. We made a small reunion of my ex-classmate in high school. It felt very good to see my old classmates. Now I'm missing the whole 5D girls! We had so many memories that we spent together the whole last year! 2008 was the most fun year I had ever spent! Wahh..! Wanna go back to school! T______T

Ok. Enough with reminiscing. New Year has come and it's 2010 already! I'm getting older for one more year.*sigh* After thinking hard what to do for this year, I found that I have to change a LOT in myself. In person, I want to be healthier, slimmer and prettier.HAHA! As student, I wanna be more active in class and society, more excellent and be more useful. As a friend, I just want to be someone who can lift up the mood. A friend who is fun to be with. As a daughter, I want to be more hard working in doing housework. :P As a sister, I want to be …