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Day 3; My first Love.

first love. is from my MOM. :)
so lame, i know.

never had one,seriously. ;(
but i have first crush ! LOL.
it's when i was studying in a tuition centre when i was in standard 5 or something. he, XXX was the most mischievous student in the class. always running around the class and disturb the others. we were in da same class although we're not the same age. i brought candy to the class one day, n shared with others. he was so happy to receive one so i started bringing candies every time i go to class. kekeke. but then, the only memory of me n him is dat, we sat next to each other when taking tests and he keep on peeking at my answers. just dat. n my first crush ended. LOL! :P

but, i still have this more serious crush; which is veryyy impossible for it to be true. HAHA (:
never fail to be my first love ever since 2006. :)

*spam spam spam! i love spamming his pictures. junsu eat McDonald's! he's holding Ipad. he's driving luxurious car! his hair is still the same. love that …


it means; XERASANUSI's Third House.
how do i get this name...? came spontaneously actually. LOL. i tot of my house at that time and i was in my college; which is my second house for now. since i spend quite some time in this blog, and i tell stories in here, it feels like my third home already. it does feel home-y in here. ^^
p/s: secara jujur, i dont have any idea masa nak bagi nama blog ni. i even change it banyak2 kali. LOL! *wink* p/s/s: it should be ERROR! lol

Day 1.

hamik kamu recent picture. hari rabu gi k pameran makanan antarabangsa kat jubli perak. i was trying the Nang bread that time. forgot where it comes from. the only thing i know is, the bread is made by a Muslim Chinese wearing kopiah. :) honestly, it tastes nothing but the smelly onion. -.-"
15 fact bout me? interesting one? hurmmmmmm...
1. i love my virtual name xeraxiah. originally created by me because of my 'love' for kimxiahjunsu. 'xiah' has stuck with me for almost...5 years now. xerasanusi is not a bad idea either. :)
2. i was a kpop maniac. but it slowly vanished time by time. maybe because of db5k is no longer 5. i dunno... but Korea still affect my daily life. :)
3. oh! i'm the eldest with 3+2 more younger adiks. 3 little brothers plus 2 younger sisters. wow..i tot i have only 4 siblings... ((:
4. i am 20 year-old-to-be lady but never act like one.
5. i dunno wat kind of person i am. but seriously, never failed to be bullied since in primary school. until no…

30 Days Challenge by XeraSanusi.

hehe. dah lama x online woo~
td ternampak Eryhana pya blog and tersangatlah tertarik dengan challenge yg bliau sdg lakukan.
so..., what do i have to do in 30 days? Jeng jeng jeng~! ni hah list diaaa!
makcik ery xnak bg org copy paste. :PP sebab ak ni malas nak taip skarang. ak hyperlink jer post dya. weeee~ i'll update next time psal challenge ni eh.? hehe

Day 0 : The 30 Day Challenge Explanation and DescriptionDay 1 : Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting factsDay 2 : Meaning behind your blog nameDay 3 : Your first loveDay 4 : Your parentsDay 5 : A song to match your moodDay 6 : A picture of something that makes you happyDay 7 : Favorite moviesDay 8 : A place you've traveled toDay 9 : A favorite picture of your best friendDay 10: Something you're afraid ofDay 11: Favorite tv shows Day 12: Something you don't leave the house without Day 13: Goals Day 14: A picture of you last year - how have you changed? Day 15: Bible Al-Quran…

ESKEP nite.

Assalamualaikum :)

ESKEP ni stands for Ekspo Kelab n Persatuan lah. ^^ malam tu..,mana-mana wakil kelab memang tersangatlah semangat nak promote kelab2 diorang tuk budak junior.haha. one of my friend jadi wakil satu kelab anti dadah ni, so kitorang pegi lah tunjuk sokongan.. :) + sebab ada kupon. ^_____^
sampai jer kat kawasan promotion tu.. kami tgk ad satu meja tepi booth diorg so, kami satu geng trus duduk ctu n membuat onar smentara menunggu sesi ceramah abis.
sambil2 tu, satu kelab baru tercipta. n we named it as Kelab Buang Masa! sebab mana-mana manusia yang datang 'booth' kami memang ad niat nak buang msa.haha
"Kelab Paling hebat! Kelab buang masa. Jom join KBM!"
MT Kelab Buang Masa.

abih jer ekspo tu..trjumpa la budak dr mana ntah.. dia yg mintak snap picture ngan dia. tpaksa lah kami buat2 stuju.

p/s: xpenah pon pegi ESKEP sepanjang 5sem jd student uitm. LOL!  camni rupanya diorg tarik student join clubs.