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hi !

hi. i'm in mai final exam mood. bai. :)

ikan gelama.

i should have onlined in my ym earlier !

ahh..i shud have stopped feeling like this. =.="

i think..

not being myself these days. dunno what to say anymore.
talking is no more needed i think.

what's in my thought?
Pilsuk & Jason are such a cutie couple ! ...
Why can't I find Malay JUNSU? ...
What can I do so that all people commit with things they do?
Should I be worrying over the competition? ..
Was I taking this thing too seriously? People start to say, I would die for it. *sigh* .. if u guys understand all those things up there.
sigh sigh.

seyes. lama gila dah xbawak kereta. more than a month rasanya.feels soo good to get to drive a car ! ^.^
ok.nak pegi pesta buku borong buku. :)