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Jom Tukar Cara Hidup Kita !

5 Keburukan Crash Diet (Diet Mendadak)
by Kevin Zahri.

this site never fail to increase my knowledge about healthy lifestyle. tak rugi pun kalau kita surf website ni daripada dok layan kpoppp je. #eh HAHA. no offense, saya pun peminat Kpop tegar okeh. cuma dah kurang sikit. :P

nak diet, bukan dengan cara tak makan. tu bukan diet, tu bunuh diri. =.=" 
dengan stalk website Kevin Zahri tu, banyak ilmu pasal macam mana nak seimbangkan input kalori n output kalori lah, makan macam mana yang boleh buat kita jadi gemuk atau tak lah dan banyak lagi lah! betul jugak cakap dia, tanpa ilmu, tak kan menjadi diet tu tahu tak?

plus kat website dia tu, ada banyak cerita-cerita yang bagi inspirasi kat sesiapa yang nak kurangkan berat badan. lepas baca cerita-cerita diorang tu, aku sedar, aku tak boleh nak letak dalam kepala ni untuk jadi kurus slim macam Fazura (just because i like her) dalam masa dua tiga bulan jer. cara macam tu akan makan diri kita in the end. 

jadi sekarang ni, aku akan clearkan …


I sticky-noted my spontaneous three reasons after having a stressful + unmotivated session the other day. why stress? i feel like i am forced by my mom to go on diet and lose the weight. i was thinking, Why do I have to do all the stuffs when i feel satisfiy already with my own current previous life? 

To be honest, NO, i dont feel satisfy at all. I eat as many as I want dan rasa puas hati bila dapat makan. but in the end, when I look at my reflection at the mirror, I started to hate myself. Most of my friends might not really comment on my body ; that, i thanked them for not giving any pressure, but deep inside me, I know I can 'look' better.

So, lepas habis segala program sepanjang berada di UiTM tu, aku start cuti panjang. i have 6 months of holiday. but i spent the earliest two months doing NOTHING. :'( Mom nags and nags and nags and at last, on 1st June, I made a change. I found a new resolution. I need to lose my weight and become healthier.

You might find my reasons …


So, I watched Shinhwa KBS2 Win Win before.
i admit that i am not a real fan of them but as an ex-kpop avid fan, i know quite a lot about them. the fact that they are one legendary idol suits them the best cause they are the longest yet strongest idol group ever. being debuted since 1998 (correct me if i'm wrong) doesnt make them lose in today's competition. not to mention having to fight along with newest idol groups that grow fast like mushrooms (pepatah Melayu LMAO), they're standing stronger than ever :D

i was there when they announced to have a break for 5 years, and i also was there when they promised to be back again as SHINHWA. and they made it. :) they really gain my respect as high as the highest mountain and i love how they storied about the way they overcome all of their problems. they really cared about each other and never left out any members in need. 

i dont think the reason of 'debuting at the young age' make sense in this kind of friendship proble…