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missing my mom lah...

miss my mom lah... i was all alone in my house just now. my brother went to play futsal n i was alone. i sat on the floor.. staring at my house. it looks empty. seriously empty.... i need my mom. it only left like.. 2 weeks before she comes back n i miss her.


dorky kaizoku~♥

i know. i know. everyone has been watching this anime since its released date. i know i'm a late watcher. but still, i'm one in a million of One Piece fan! ^___^ I love our Captain Luffy, Swordsman Zoro, Brave Usopp, Chef Sanji n Navigator Nami~ i love their dorkiness on the ship. diorang memg gila ah.
HOW do i get to know One Piece? ahahaaaa~ i really want to answer this question really.. :) recalling back, rasanya first time kenal anime ni sbb adik terbeli komik dia n at dat time, i wasn't a fan of comics,,or anime. so i ignore it. malas la nak ikut anime2 ni... melampau panjangnya. Detective Conan pon xabis2...  so, one day i was updating my kpop stuffs like usual n read a news saying that my DBSK will re-sing One Piece theme song calls, We Are n a new song call Share the World. I was like...wtheaven One Piece is? O.0 n then there was an interview when they were asked which character in One Piece suits them the most. some choose Luffy, Usopp, Sanji..etc. So....u know la k…

shud I stop being a Cassiopeia...?

i'm sorry but I can't. ;(
everytime i try to hate them..i will love them even more. honestly, i DON't want to hate them. i just hate their situation. i was finding a good picture for this entry n i found something that is really...make me smile bittersweetly.. ;)
junsu n the couples. just because i love him the most~^^~♥
Yunho n the couples. i love his serious but crazy character~^^
Yoochun n the couples. he's the most handsome dorky guy in the world~^^
Jaejoong n the couples. he's such a warm person right? keep that jj-ssi~^^
Changmin n the couples. i miss him terribly! he's like my quiet elder brother...*like i have one* ~^^
seeing those pictures make my heart flutters. their closeness are real. i really want to believe they are real. like how SUJU members joke around together..they dun pretend. but it's really hard to know the truth. Heechul&Eunhyuk's case for example, i seriously dunno they were awkward between each other until i watch JeolChin Note. it'…

lembu ko00 lembu kooo~

selamat hari raya aidiladha kawan2.. :) pic credit : pakcik Google.
today is indeed a blissful day but i'm not as happy as other people. mom&dad are not here n our celebration is not as merry as before. i slept at my grandma's house last nite. woke up n get prepared to go to the mosque to perform raya prayer. :)
well..seriously i tot i wud celebrate this Eid biasa2 jer.. i new clothes n whatsoon. but mom surprised me when suddenly two pairs of baju kurung arrived home! mom had sent the kain pasang to the tailor to get it done before raya. haha^^ so...beraya dgn baju baru jugaklah kami..wakaka^^ since it's Hari Raya Qurban....maka dengan itu, terkorbanlah semua2 lembu yang ada. daging lembu best!

rasa cam nk buat chim chum la kat umah ni.. ok x? eheh~♥

my most important 3K.

haha~ random gila okeh^^
hermm.. 1st: Kim Junsu. ㅎㅎㅎ i bet most of my close friends know who he is. my one and only love, Kim Junsu.haha. Who is HE btw? he is an innocent man. a man who live his life full with honesty. he works hard in what he's best at, singing. he never give up even he had to go through so many difficulties in his life. he is serious when working. innocent when talking. kawaii when laughing n sexy when dancing. he said he dunno how to be romantic with his partner but he doesn't know that he is already romantic when he shows loyalty in relationship. hermm...i still dunno why i like him. credit: Yoochun's twitter. (YooSu Love !)
errrm,.. 2nd: Korea Selatan (South Korea). 하하하! this one cannot be separated from me lah. everything i do, i will insert KS in it. everything is connected. because of my Kim Junsu, i started to know South Korea more. I then fell in love with it, starting from the language,culture and even the rooftop of Korean's house pun i like~~…


ok. i know it's been quite sometime since i last posted here.Hello November! hahah.. :P
it's been a quite interesting week lepas exam paper BEL aritu. we had CTU after that, n it was my first time lah hampir cramp tangan jawab soalan pendidikan Agama. satu isi 15baris kakkk~~ what am i suppose to write then? haha. xtau la jwab apa tp tulis je. lepas tu ad paper Account yg membunuh itu. dahla ujan sgt lebat itu hari. jawab exam tgn ketar2 sambil pkai sweater sbb hall sjuk sgt. rasa cm amik exam kat oversea la plak. ahak! awal2 dh kna sound kat pengawas exam, "No communication please!" sbb ak asyik dok bcakap ngan kawan kat dpan.hehe. aww~ lepas jer exam Acc memg rilek ah. ad 5hari gap sblum next paper Probability yg jatuhnya hari....esok. HAHA^^ XERA BOLEH! ㅋㅋㅋ
ai ahad 5.30 petang abis paper Account, kul6 nek keta balik umah. pjalann yg spatotnya amik masa less than an hour tu jadi berjam2 sbb kitorg g tmpat len dlu. hp trus kiok sbb xsmpat charge. smpai jer kat umah d…