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date with my besfren.

hang out with nawal after more than 6 months of our 'separation' was satisfying! We spent the whole half day together,mostly. There were so many stories to be told. She hasn't even sit properly in the car when I started tell her stories. I just couldn't shut my mouth when i'm with her. :)

We went to the mall and were spending almost 20minutes only looking for a place to park the car. Thank God we DID. Went straight to our favourite bookshop, Popular. Spazzing over YG mag as they have A.N.JELL as their cover.XD It's fun to be with her. HONESTLY... A friend of mine called and asking where I was. We didn't really planned to go out together but both of them came to the mall too. I saw them entering Popular and glancing around searching for me. Instead of getting barked by them, I barked them first! lol. That two guys left me and nawal to go buy their things. It's already lunch time when they called me again asking to go down to McDonald. I got to eat Prospe…

our last chat

'ah, should I on9? or shouldn't I?' I kept thinking about it again and again.. A night before, I was waiting for him for the whole night but he didn't come. I thought maybe he was busy preparing for his 'leave'. So i gave up. I'll just say my Majimak Insa here in the blog.

But then, the next morning..
Hello my ladies. Then....Byebye~ See you later~~
There's an offline message left in my ym. It was sent at 6.45am on 28th. See me later? It will be going 2 years later from now. *sigh* I shouldn't give up that night. Felt quite sad as our friendship ended just like that. I'm afraid he won't remember me after two years. Men lost lots of contacts once they enter Army. I've seen so many cases already. He might forget me but I felt no regret being friends with him. He promised me to be my tour guider if I visit South Korea! Such a nice guy of him. :)
Have a good experience in Army Suyong Oppa.. :D

health care room

"Hey, it's my turn! Go back to your place now!" I yelled at him. "No you're not! I won't move an inch." He said back to me. "It's not fair! I've been queueing for half an hour already. I'm tired and I want to go in there first!" I yelled at him again. "I don't care what you said. I'll go in first, M#$%L&%." his final word lock my mouth instantly. He quickly went into the Healthcare Room for a teeth medical check-up. 'What did he just call me?' I felt dizzy.. After all the medical check-up done, all of us were asked to go back to our class. I kept thinking what did he call me in front of the room before. Dying out of curiousity, I forced myself to tap on his shoulder who is sitting in front of me and asked.
"Hey.." I called him. "Yeah...?" he said while turning his head at me. "Erm...just now.. when we were at Healthcare room..." I started. "What?" he asked me back, impati…