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i will definitely visit Bali again :)

being a typical me, instead of just going through my slides and get prepared for my presentation tomorrow, i am now scrolling through my Bali photo folder.  ;D

it was last two years' trip actually. i realized i did not mention about it properly here. tehehe. and holamak my cheeks back then were so stuffy and pau-lookalike! kembung nya aku weh! sobs T.T bukanlah nak cakap yang sekarang dah kecut kurus semua takkkk! 

we went there for 6 days kalau tak silap. am not good at remembering details but my point is, having Made as our tour guide, staying at Bakung Sari Hotel(was it motel?), exploring most of the tourist spots like Tanah Lot, Gunung Kintamani, bandar Kuta, feeding squirrels at pantai Nusa Dua, experience various water sports with cheapest price and not to mention a whole body massage at Orkid Spa! definitely a place to run from hectic city life. definitely. and with that, i'll share a little bit of photos we had over there. sikit je.

nasi padang somehow is the most delicious meal selepas maggie. haha. aiyyaa tak leh ingat la makan kat kedai gilimanuk tu. x.x

nusa dua beach. all hail to my kononnya the most fashionable me at that time. *_*

acah-acah berani sambil menunggu dua gadis tengah scuba dive.

oh hi squirrel! 

ok tu je lah. ada banyakkkkkkk lagi gambar yang aku tak betul-betul browse sebenarnya. dah buntu dah apa nak buat dengan mereka (gambar-gambar tersebut) bagi idea siket?


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Assalamualaikum wbt.. 
ALHAMDULILAH. syukur aku terhadap ALLAH SWT lepas tengok result untuk final exam haritu. :D Result sepatutnya keluar pukul 9am 27hb tu. tapi pukul 10pm 26hb tu aku dah bukak gmail aku and keep refreshing. HAHA. malam tu status kat facebook semua pasal countdown bila result keluar.
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Oh, I did get a job. As a Subtitle Editor in a media company. My job was mostly on editing the ENG-BM translated files so that the subtitles appear nicely on screen. Basically, kerja aku tengok cerita je hari-hari sebenarnya. HAHA. Tambah sedap lagi, all the k-shows yang walaupun tak berapa hot sebab bukannya ada idols memanjang tapi still dapat tengok few k-celebs yang kononnya feveret tuh, pun aku dapat layan. That was the fun part la. The not-so-fun part tu tak perlu cerita. Nanti nobody wants to apply for the position. Because I actually already quit myself from the company. Nothing big deals, nothing big wrong, I just feel like quitting. I had another dream, but let's not talk about it now. I loved the job but I feel the need to 'move'.

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