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we had a sudden club meeting last night n we were informed that we,the sophomores have to perfom during our Annual Dinner nite. great. we were divided into 2 grups n my group were asked to dance to 60's songs. after a longgg & somanycreativebutsometimeridiculoussuggestion discussion, we're all agreed on combining modern&retro dances. since i was quite inactive in dancing,i rejected shuffling&breakdancing. instead,i chose to dance to 60's. :)

I dun even know whether i could make it on the dinner day since it's in 21st March nite. n i might arrive home on dat sunday evening. But anyways, we did some movement practice tonight. It's easy actually.. we just have to shake&twist our body&legs~ haha^^ But fordbsjsupershow2dat'sgointobeheldthissaturday sake, I'm embarrassed! I'm not used to dancing. n,performing in front of so many people.? STAGE is really really not my thing. I prefer being a stage manager more. :)

but again, after a quick discussion 3hours ago, i'm making some effort by finding the old dance cheeky songs that can suit our theme. I found lots of late P.Ramlee,our legendary artist,'s videos in the net n his works never fail to impress us,especially Malaysians. I felt a sudden love&miss towards him. He died when I wasn't even borned yet. But me, as one of his artworks' fan, appreciate him as the irreplaceable person in the world..
IloveyouP.Ramlee. May Allah bless You...

Anyway,i think Bunyi Gitar & Pesta Muda Mudi are two of the good choices. i like Bunyi Gitar the most. just wait n c. :)


Twin XL said…
I would die if I had to dance so people could watch - yikes!

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