glory Germany glory~~!♥

rmai ckap yg Argen akn menang mlm ni.
tup2... tu la... org ckap, jgn ckap bsar slagi xtau result sbnar.
4-0! WTH...??? hahaha^^ Messi men smbil tido k...? kesian dya... respect him as a humble but speedy player but he's actually disappointed me with his going-back-with-no-goal performance. HUH.

Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller & Arne Friedrich.. you guys are awesome tonight~! not to forget any hantran to Lukas Podolski sgt2 mjadi yew~~! ♥ the match so damn much! masa 1st half dok lepak kat fudcourt ngan Bel, Due, Deli & Munir. tgk match dr jauh sahaja. My heart was being throbbed when Argentina shot a goal but fortunately it was OBVIOUSLY offside. so..yeah..that's define the 0 they got in there. wehehehe^_^

anyway, my third semester is starting all over again. anticipating what kind of new adventure I got this semester~~♥


Twin XL said…
Good luck on the new semester!!!!

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