malas la nk packing brg tuk blik k machang nu~~~~ isk.. :((
esk da nk pegi n guess what? i haven't done ANYTHING. muahahahaha^^

btw, yeah...i guess i forgot to update what's goin in my life much before.

South Korea cudn't make it into semi-final after losing to Paraguay. Paraguay sucks. i guess fair play isn't enough to win. it's ok my taeguk warriors~~ i'm still proud of you guys~! ♥
having sooooo much fun watching Germany VS England though. :P I'm a truly supporter of EPL but i must say, diorg tggelam lam world cup nieh. they're not as great as in their league. sorry bout that. n BTW, i was on germany's side~! sggup bsengkang mata aritu tgk match nieh. n pnantian itu berhasil when germany knocked England Down for 4-1~~!! OK. 4-2 (atas dasar fair play) :]
♥ Germany!

n tonite...walawah~~ Brazil is out! n thanks to Netherlands for giving them tickets to go home. guess our Sneijder is the man of tonite~~! thanks hon. haha^^

still,mlas nk packing. HUH.


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